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I watched the show in which the car went over the cliff unexpectantly! However, during the same show, he performed a card trick that I figured out by carefully observing the procedure and then trying the card trick to prove my hypothesis. I could repeat the card trick and fool my relatives: I'm going to perfect it!

No, I'm not going to set my car on fire to confirm my car explosion hypothesis. Nevertheless, here is what I think Chris did. To begin, Chris does a lot of tricks that are amazing, such as making a motorcycle become replaced with three babes.Just because I don't know exactly when the switch is made, doesn't make it supernatural.

If you examine Chris' procedure, he first offers one of the spectators to film anything he wants with the spectator's camcorder. This means that there will be people around Chris: he's not doing the show on an isolated stage. Rather, he haspeople for cover, so to speak. Next, he dresses in a suit the covers his completely: helmet,windmask,gloves,coveralls. Thiscostume is easily replicated and can be placed on a mannequin. Then, BEFORE he drives off the cliff, he invites one hundred people to walk past the window of the car to see-for-themselves that there is a driver handcuffed to the steering wheel of the car.

Remember: procedure, or sequencing if you prefer the word.

Therefore, in my opinion, and without knowing the exact moment: in my opinion, Chris somehow sat a mannequin in the driver seat of the car, and handcuffed IT to the steering wheel before any people were permitted to walk by the car! Then, Chris somehow sneaked out of the car and into the line up among the one-hundred people who were walking by the car. Chris was one of those one-hundred-and-one people who walked by the car, and walked away among the others.

As a final hint, throughout this show he was wearing a beard, hat and glasses. He is usually clean shaven and wears no hat. Therefore, if he wants to blend into the crowd, he can remove the hat & glasses to drastically change his appearance. Additionally, one wearing a false beard in preparation for an acting role is quite common.

Chris simply walked away as one of a hundred and one bypassers!

How? and When exactly?
I don't know, except to say that on previous tricks he has appeared on the opposite side of a barrier before. For example, with only one or two seconds lead time, he has appeared inside an armoured truck after being covered by a drape sheet.

Why isn't it possible for him to appear on the outside of a car door after being obscured from view briefly while an assistance helped him into the driver seat?
Of course he can do it, and did it.

Chris will likely be discovered in the distant parking lot to which that 1,000 person crowd is being ushered!

I'm looking forward to Chris' big reveal!

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Q: Was Criss Angel killed in car explosion?
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