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Yes. Her Iceni tribe beat the Romans in battle.

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Q: Was Boudica a British hero
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Where was Boudica considered a queen?

Boudica was considered a queen in the British Iceni tribe.

When was Boudicea born?

Boudica was born in 30 AD. Boudica was the Queen of the British Iceni tribe. Her tribe led an uprising against the Roman Empire forces.

Why did Boudica die?

Boudica committed suicide because, in the battle of the Britons against the Romans, the British side, of which she was the leader, was losing as the Roman Army had superior training and organisation. Rather than be held captive by the Romans, Boudica made the brave decision to take her own life.

Could the chief of a chiefdom be a women?

Yes, Boudica or Boudicca was a queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe in ancient Britain at the time of the Roman occupation. When her husband, Prasutagus, died, Boudica became the chief.

Who were Boudica's opponents?

Boudica fought against the Romans.

What was Boudica's profession?

Boudica was the Queen of the Iceni tribe.

When was British Hero of the Holocaust created?

British Hero of the Holocaust was created in 2010.

Where did Queen Boudica come from?

boudica was from the eeast side of britan and live there from her brith in 30ad to 61 ad when she was dead

What is the duration of Boudica film?

The duration of Boudica - film - is 1.38 hours.

When was Boudica - film - created?

Boudica - film - was created on 2003-09-28.

What did Queen Boudica think of the Roman Empire?

"What did Queen Boudica think of the Roman Empire?"

Why was Boudica disgusted?

Boudica was angry and disgusted with the Romans because they flogged her and raped her daughters.