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No that story was based on the Jersey Devil tale.

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Q: Was Blair witch a real person?
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What is real about the Blair witch?

The Blair Witch is just a ficitional character, although, there actually is a town called Blair.

Why is the Blair Witch Project portrayed as real if it is fake as in The Curse of The Blair Witch section in Special Features?

The Blair Witch and 'myth' surrounding its story base are entirely fiction. It was made to seem real as hype to get more people to see the movie; and to scare them speechless. The Blair Witch was loosely inspired by the myth surrounding the happenings of the Bell Witch.

What stuff is real in the Blair Witch movie real?

none of the movie was real

Is the movie The Blair Witch project for real?


Where does The Blair Witch live?

The 1999 movie The Blair Witch Project is set in Burkitsville, Maryland. The Blair Witch is supposed to haunt the surrounding woods. However, while the moviemakers may have drawn some of their inspiration from the real legend of the Bell Witch, the legend of the Blair Witch is entirely fictional.

Is the Blair Witch Project true?

No. The film was created in a documentary style to appear real, but isn't actually real.

What is the Blair witch project rated?

The Blair Witch Project (1999) is rated R.

What is the name of the person who produced The Blair Witch Project?

Robin Cowie and Gregg Hale.

When was The Tony Blair Witch Project created?

The Tony Blair Witch Project was created in 2000.

This horror documentary gained much anticipation when it came out into theaters which eventually spawned a sequel?

The Blair Witch Project, followed by Blair Witch 2:Book of Shadows

Is the Blair witch alive?


When did The Blair Witch Project - video games - happen?

The Blair Witch Project - video games - happened in 2000.