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No. The 4077 was a fictional outfit in the novel MASH by Richard Hooker. His real Name was H. Richard Hornberger,M.D., and he was, in fact, a surgeon during the Korean War. He worked at a REAL MASH Unit: the 8055th, and his books are based upon his experiences as a surgeon there. In fact, many of the plot lines from the show are taken directly from Hooker's experience. There were, also, many army surgeons who wrote in suggesting stories for plot lines that were actually used during the run of the series.

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Q: Was 4077 MASH ever a real outfit?
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Was there a 4077 mash in Korea?

No, the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) was a fictional unit depicted in the TV series "MAS*H." The show, set during the Korean War, was loosely based on the experiences of real-life MASH units, but there was no specific 4077th MASH in Korea.

Was there a real life MASH 4077?

No. It was based on the MASH unit 8055.Answer 1There were seven MASH units in the Korean War: 8054th Evacuation Hospital8055th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (this was the unit the author of MASH was assigned to)8063rd Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (this unit was mentioned frequently on the TV show MASH)8076th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital8209th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital8225th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital8228th Mobile Army Surgical HospitalAnswer 2Actually there was a mash 4077 and the tv show was based on, but after the tv show came out the unit was getting to much static and publicity so they changes the name to the 43rd mash. The motto really was "best care anywhere".Answer 3The author of the book and resulting TV series was assigned to the 8055th MASH on which he based the fictitious 4077th MASH.

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Was Spearchucker Jones from MASH a real person?

MASH was based on the actual 8055 MASH unit. There was said to be at least one black doctor in this unit during the Korean War

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What year was the movie mash released?

Robert Altman's movie MASH was released in 1970. It is a fictional account of the real MASH 8055 based in Korea. The book's author, Robert Hooker, was one of the MASH surgeons in 1950.

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From July 1, 1951 for 15 months the 8055th MASH was located near Uijongbu and the Han River area.

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