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Q: Want are Two features of a baulk ring type synchromesh?
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What is the purpose of a baulk ring?

baulk ring is the device that prevent 2 knyans being selected at the same time

The material used for construction of the baulk ring?

copper based alloy, Phosphor bronze ;)

What is a baulk ring?

A baulk ring is a gearbox / transmission component commonly found in most modern car gearboxes. It is a mechanism which helps ensure that gear changes are smooth and quiet by preventing the gears from being engaged until both components coming into contact are travelling at the same speed. The synchro cone is the component which actually speeds up or slows down the gears before they are engaged while the baulk ring stops the engagement taking place until the speeds match.

What is ther purpose of a screw thread finish surface on a baulk ring?

baulk ring is the device that prevent 2 knyans being selected at the same time

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There are many design features of a cocktail ring. No two cocktail rings are the same. The cuts of stone vary in shape and size and the stones themselves can vary greatly.

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