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this happend to me yesterday and i had a huge hangover. i think it is either beer or stomach acid. you probly didnt eat all day the prior day to throwin up.

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Q: Vomiting yellow liquid on an empty stomach in the morning?
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How life threating is vomiting yellow?

This can be entirely dependent on what you have eaten prior to vomiting. It may also indicate a viral infection in the stomach. Consult a doctor.

What does it mean if you vomit a yellow substance first thing in the morning?

If vomit is yellow it is either because of something you just ate that is yellow or its bile. Just on the other side of your lower stomach sphincter there is a bile duct that's by your liver. Its in your duodemdum ( i think that's how you spell it) or small intestine... and when you vomit yellow and you havent eaten something that's yellow its basically the bile coming back up through the lower stomach sphincter from the duodendum (small intestine) and into your stomach... yea its gross... but that's what it is

Is vomiting yellow fluid a sign of a serious illness?

It's stomach acid. If you have been vomiting for a while you have already expelled all of the other solids and/or liquids in your stomach and have made it to stomach acid. Try drinking some sprite or eating crackers. Small sips and small bites.

What caused you to throw up yellow liquid?

It is usually bile when it is yellow, that is becasue it is the lining of your stomach, usually when there is nothing left in your stomach after not eating enough food or being sick too much that your stomach has emptied.

Why does your dog vomit yellow?

It's bile, a chemical secreted by the liver for digestion. If a dog vomits yellow stuff or foamy yellow stuff it generally means his stomach is empty and this is causing nausea. Try increasing the frequency of his meals or offering a small snack between meals to keep a little something in his stomach and keep it settled.

Do you have acids in your body?

Yes, you have stomach acid in your stomach. When you throw up and your stomach is empty, then you throw up this bad-tasting yellow liquid : that is stomach acid. There are also amino acids in your enzymes located in the cell. (: Hope this helped !

What can help a dog from vomiting yellow?

dont feed it yellow shiz

Your cat has been vomiting brownish yellow liquid for almost 24 hours on and off and has no energy what should you do?

phone or take your cat to the vet and try stroking and comforting it

Does E. coli produce acetoin?

E. coli is a type of bacteria that can cause an upset stomach. Acetoin is a light yellow to green yellow liquid. No, E. coli does not produce acetoin.

What does brown and yellow vomit mean and does it affect an unborn child?

It doesn't really mean anything other then you ate something which was brown and yellow or became brown and yellow after reacting with the chemicals in your body. Having occasional morning sickness where you feel like you need to throw up is normal. But too much vomiting will decrease the chances of the fetus getting adequate nutrients from you. But occasional vomiting will not affect the fetus you're carrying.

Why am I Vomiting yellow fluids?

cuz u had noodles for dinner

Is stomach acid yellow?