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Ported vacuum - part time.

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Q: Vacuum advance full time or part time vacuum?
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1979 Chevy 350 vacuum advance full time or part time vacuum?

California emmissions full,49 states part

What is the speed of light in a vacuum cleaner?

The answer depends on where in the vacuum cleaner and on the state of the cleaner. In any empty part of the vacuum cleaner, the speed of light is approx 299,700,000 metres per second. In a full dust bag, though, the speed may well drop to zero.

What causes the vacuum light to come on in a 1997 Isuzu NPR?

insufficient vacuum. The vacuum is part of the brake booster. First thing to check is a defective or leaking hose in the brake vacuum system.

Where is a good place near Seattle where you can buy old vacuum tubes?

This would depend on the type of vacuum tubes needed. Any car part store will carry vacuum tubes for a car, general stores carry vacuum tubes for household vacuums, and AC part stores will carry vacuum tubes for the AC/Heating system of a house.?æ

How do you repair car vacuum leak?

Depending on where the leak is you just replace the vacuum hose or the bad part the hose is attached to.

Where can i find a vacuum hose for 1995 Lincoln town car?

Any auto parts store such as Auto Zone, Advance Auto, etcetera should have the part you are looking for.

What type of light waves can travel through a vacuum?

Light spectrum is part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Electromagnetic waves travel better and faster (light speed in vacuum) in vacuum.

Do infrared waves travel through a vacuum?

Yes, infrared waves are part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum and all electromagnetic radiation will propagate through a vacuum.

How do you fix your frozen air vents in your car?

Air vents in most cars are vacuum controlled. Check for vacuum leaks in any part of the engine system. Also check the ac/heat control system, as they can develop a vacuum leak with time.

Where can one purchase a lightweight vacuum cleaner?

Lightweight vacuum cleaners are part of the lineup of several companies, such as Dyson, Bissel, and Oreck, who specializes in lightweight vacuum cleaners. These can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's Web site, or at a local retail outlet such as Sears.

What is the name of the wave that can travel through vacuum and how does it related to television?

Electromagnetic waves can travel in a vacuum. Radiowaves, which are used in television signals, are one part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Best place to buy rainbow vacuum parts?

You can find almost any Rainbow vacuum part at When you click on the site you can read their Bizrate rating.