Uses for temporary magnets

Updated: 9/17/2023
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To separate materials made of metal in the scrap yard.

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Q: Uses for temporary magnets
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Can magnets be temporary?

Electromagnets are temporary magnets made of iron usually that are created by passing a current through a wire wrapped around the iron. There are also ways of making temporary magnets out of ordinary iron objects that can later be demagnetized. I am not wise in the ways of these latter type of temporary magnets.

What types of magnets are easy to magnetized but lose magnetism quickly?

temporary magnets

What types of magnets are easy to magnetize lose magnetism quickly?

temporary magnets

What types of magnets are easy to magnetize but lose magnetism quickly?

temporary magnets

What machines use magnets?

Every machine with a motor has a magnet. If you plug it in, it has a magnet. If you put in batteries or recharge it, it has a magnet. An automatic pencil sharpener uses magnets. A computer printer uses magnets. A refrigerator motor uses magnets. An electric razor uses magnets. A fan uses magnets. Hair cutters use magnets. Nose clippers use magnets. Look around your room and see what else uses a motor.

How are temporary and permanent alike?

they're both magnets . they can both stick to iron-made materials. They are different because temporary magnets only last a little and permanent magnets last a long time.

How are temporary magnets different from permaanent magnets?

temporary magnet permanent magnetit stays for a little while it stays foreverit is made from iron it is made from steel

What are temporary magnets?

they have magnetic properties that weaken with time.

What are three types of magnets?

They are permanent, temporary and electromagnets

What are the types of magnets?

Ferro-magnets, permanent magnets, temporary magnets, and electromagnets. Ferro-magnets are magnets that are magnetic at a higher temperature than room temperature. do not quote me on that. permanent magnets are magnets that are always magnets, they are the kinds you use a lot. Temporary magnets are things that are magnetic in an extrenal magnetic field. Last but not least, electromagnets. Electromagnets are coils of wire around a cobalt, nickel, or iron. When ou run electricity through the wire, the core and wire become magnetic.

What do all electric motors contain?

"permanent and temporary magnets"

What substance has the property in temporary magnets?

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