Use absurdity in a sentence

Updated: 9/26/2023
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She just can't see the absurdity of her situation

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Q: Use absurdity in a sentence
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How do use the word absurdity in a sentence?

it is an absurdity that an unexperience person drive the car.

How do you use absurdity in a sentence?

An older generation often thinks that a younger generation's dances are absurd.

Create a sentence using the word absurdity?

The little girl's story of how she had a unicorn in her backyard was such an absurdity.

How do you use the word underrated in a sentence?

The absurdity of this question is entirely underrated! He was underrated during his college career, but became a top player as a professional.

A sentence using the word absurdity?

How could anyone believe such an absurdity?Her wild story is surely an absurdity.The officer's theory that the young mother ran off and left her children voluntarily is an absolute absurdity.In the new movie, the acting was horrible, the dialogue was dull and the plot was a ridiculous absurdity.

What is the dictionary definition for 'absurdity'?

The dictionary definition for 'absurdity' refer's to something or someone being unreasonable. This term absurdity can describe a situation or a behavior, such as 'Her mad fantasy is an absurdity'.

Can you use article the with absurdity nouns like craziness or foolishness?

The absurdity of your question is obvious to all. The craziness of your question is obvious to all. The foolishness of your question is obvious to all.

What is the religious background of absurdity?

Absurdity has no religious background. The concept is rooted in the human consciousness.

What are the release dates for Absurdity - 2013?

Absurdity - 2013 was released on: USA: 20 December 2013

How do you use ludicrous in a sentence?

The whole idea of going to the park with my grandparents was ludicrous. I shall not be attending the school opening evening as the previous ones was ludicrous. Note: Ludicrous basically means ridiculous; foolish.

What is an absurdism?

Absurdness is the quality of being absurd.

What is the word for manifestly false?