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I suppose when you say " the air stops blowing but the unit is still running" you mean the air that is blowing is not cool. If so, then the thermostat is faulty or needs to be set a lower temperature setting. If the unit blows cool for a few minutes and not cool for a few minutes, then cool again, etc. (called short-cycling), the unit is low on freon.

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Q: Unit blows cool for a little while and then the air stops blowing but the unit is still running.?
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Why does BMW 2001 325i ac blows warm air?

if the compressor is running and it is still blowing hot air i would have to say that the blend door is not operating properly. if the blend door is stuck open then the air is still blowing across the heater core and into the cabin. replacing the motor that controls the blend door will most likely fix this problem

What could be the cause of my 1995 caprice classic not blowing out any heat blower motor was changed blows good but still no heat what is the problem?

Your heater coil is bad.

How do you get your 1996 Chevy z71 to blow warm air through the vents when you turn it to heat it blows cold?

If it still blows cold when it is at running temp, check the engine thermostat, its probably stuck in the open position.

1997 ford experdition Fuel pump fuse keep blowing?

Either a bad fuel pump (most likely) or a short in the wiring somewhere. Suggest you disconnect the wiring from the fuel pump, put a new fuse in and see if it still blows. If no blow, bad fuel pump. Still blows, short in the wiring somewhere.

Why is your 1992 Chevy s-10 4.3 6 clyinder not running rightput new fuel pump in new injectors in iac valve in and it is still not running right any suggestions?

Not sure what you mean by not running right. Is it stalling, skipping, hesitating, idles to fast, idles to slow, doesn't idle at all, backfiring, hard starting, spark knock/ping, running rich, running lean, blowing black smoke, blowing blue smoke, blowing white smoke, etc? Need more info.

Chevy 2005 cobalt keeps blowing fuse on power windows?

my Chevy cobalt 2005 keeps blowing the fuse everytime i put my windows up or down i had the door wireing replace a new window motor replaced new switch and it still blows the fuse what can the problem be

If there is a short in your 1995 Chevy caprice classic brake lights it keeps blowing the fuses but you think you found the problem but it still blows fuses what do you do next?

check all brake bulbs a filiment may have shorted out

Why does aer conditoner quit blowing cold air but unit is still running If you turn only the fan on it will eventually start working again for a while?

I wish I knew!

If windmills dont work how do people who use wind energy still get electricity?

A windmill produced electricity while the wind blows. It may produce energy when the wind blows and people don't need it. People don't need all the energy a windmill produces all the time but they may need energy when the wind is not blowing. Windmills are therefore linked up to battery systems and charge the batteries when the wind is blowing, energy is being produced, and nobody is using it. When people need energy and the wind is not blowing (no power is being produced) they use power from the batteries.

You have a 1999 Chevy Cavalier ls that keeps blowing the fuse to the fuel pump you have replaced the fuel pump but it is still blows it what could it be?

A possible problem could be you power wire is pinched somewhere causing it to touch a ground which will blow the fuse.

If the ballast on a fluorescent light blows will the lamp still work?

If the ballast on a fluorescent light blows the lamp will not work.

1995 camaro running hot blowing head gaskets replace gaskets but still running hot lots of pressure in radiator?

Your heads are probably warped from overheating. have them checked out by a machine shop. Sometimes they can machine them back to flat, but you might have to replace them.