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future perfect (passive voice)

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Q: Type the tense of the verb in this sentence. Before the driver's test the car will have been checked for safety?
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How do you put the word safety in a sentence?

Driving safety is extremely important, not only to you but to fellow drivers as well. -alannabananna12

A sentence with the word before?

It is important to put on safety glasses before you use a rotary saw.

How you can use the word air pressure in a sentence?

The air pressure drops as you climb to higher elevations in the mountains.

A sentence with word?

Word has it that the murder happened right before the Annual Safety Banquet.

How many miles change brakes 2001 accord?

It varies because of each drivers personal driving habits. Have the brakes safety checked during each lube, oil and filter service.

What is the commercial inspection requirement for the purchase of used semis in Massachusetts?

You must have the semi checked out before you begin using it in Massachusetts. It is a safety precaution.

Should a car from Beaverton Toyota have a safety check?

"If you are going to purchase a car from Beaverton Toyota, the car will be certified already and will not require you to have a safety check. Any car dealer makes sure that the vehicles are safety checked before they are able to sell them."

Where was the airbag invented?

At the drivers safety submission.

A drivers attitude has a little effect on his safety?

This is a statement not a question. A false statement at that. I think a drivers attitude may very well affect his safety.

How do use the word safety's in a sentence?

The safety's main responsibility is to ensure the workplace meets all necessary safety regulations. I always check the safety's equipment before starting any task. The team decided to upgrade the safety's procedures to prevent accidents.

Wearing safety belt make you save but do not protect you from drunk drivers true or false?

It is true that safety belts will keep you safe but will not protect you from drunk drivers.

What benefits come with taking drivers' education?

The benefits to taking drivers education courses are having the knowledge and safety procedures of the road as well as experience in driving before you get behind the wheel.When you receive car insurance in some cases you will get a discount for completing a drivers ed course.