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attributed to Oliver Cromwell

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Q: Trust in god and keep your powder dry?
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What are common sayings using the word trust?

In God we trust.....all others pay cash. Trust in God and keep your powder dry.

What does Keep your head down and your powder dry mean?

The phrase comes from a saying attributed to Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), and the powder is, of course, gunpowder. During his cold-blooded and savage Irish campaign of 1649 he is said to have concluded a speech to his troops, who were about to cross the River Slaney before attacking Wexford, with the rousing words, 'Put your trust in God, my boys, and keep your powder dry.' However, it seems likely that the phrase was coined later by the Anglo-Indian soldier Valentine Blacker (1738-1823) and gained the Cromwell attribution through being quoted in 'Oliver's Advice' in E Hayes's Ballads of Ireland (1856).

What does In God you Trust mean?

It means you are prepared to count on God to keep you from harm or help you to do what you are trying to do.

How can you show that you trust God to keep us safe?

honey, i don't know what poor misguided soul just told you that God is not real but like i said they are MISGUIDED. God is real and you can show that you trust God to keep you safe by giving Him everything that you have to give. everything that you say and do should point others to Him. in doing this, it shows that you trust HIM with everything, therefore showing that you trust Him with your welfare/safety as well.

What is Floridas state motto?

In God We Trust.

Is the sentence you trust on god correct?

No, "you trust on god" is not correct. What you probably are trying to say is, you trust God. Or, you place your trust in God.

Florida state motto?

In God we trust

Do all American coins have In God you Trust?

no it is in god we trust

When was Trust in God created?

Trust in God was created in 1984.

What is Florida's motto?

The motto of the state Florida is "In God We Trust"

What is In God You Trust in hebrew?

You (masculine) trust in God = atah boteach ba-elohim You (feminine) trust in God = at botachat ba-elohim

How do you say trust god in spanish?

"Confide in God" is the closest translation: I trust God - Confío en Dios You (informal) trust God - Confías en Dios He/She/It/You (formal) trust God - Confía en Dios We trust God - Confiamos en Dios You all, my friends trust God - Confiáis en Dios They/All of you trust God - Confían en Dios Confiar means trust/confide/have confidence in...