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True. In the epic poem "The Odyssey," Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, tells Penelope that her husband is alive and well, but has not returned home yet. Penelope is skeptical at first but eventually believes him.

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Q: True or false The disguised Odysseus tells Penelope that her husband is alive and well?
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Who tells Penelope that Odysseus is alive?

Odysseus who was dressed up as an old beggar told Penelope that Odysseus was alive and would return soon

What is the message from the beggar Odysseus to Penelope through emmeus?

In Homer's Odyssey, the beggar Odysseus relays a message to Penelope through Eumaeus that Odysseus will soon return and reclaim his home from the suitors. This message serves as a sign of hope and reassurance to Penelope, affirming that Odysseus is alive and on his way back to her.

In the odyssey book 22 Penelope and Odysseus reunion?

In Book 22 of "The Odyssey," Penelope and Odysseus are finally reunited after he reveals his true identity to her by proving his knowledge of their bed. Penelope tests him by asking for the bed to be moved, but Odysseus explains that it is impossible as it is built from part of an olive tree that serves as a foundation for their home. Penelope recognizes him from the scar on his leg and they are joyfully reunited after being separated for twenty years.

What was the Account for Penelope's doubt about the return of Odysseus?

Penelope was worried that someone was fooling her, perhaps a god, into thinking Odysseus had returned home alive. To be gone twenty years and then return home then was very unlikely.

Is Odysseus married?

Yes, he's married to Penelope. Odysseus and Penelope have a son, Telemachus. Odysseus tells Penelope, "You must promise me, if I don't come back by the time Telemachus has a beard, you must marry." Penelope promises. Odysseus, still alive after 20 years, comes back to Ithaca to find suitors (men who are trying to marry Penelope) all over his home. Penelope knew he was still alive after 20 years, but people kept telling her he was dead. Suitors are very mean. Athena discuises Odysseus as an old beggar, and he, and telemachus go to their house. Penelope doesn't know it's odyssus. she tells Odysseus (the "beggar") that he still loves Odysseus and promised that she'd marry when telemachus had a beard. he had a beard now. so she held a contest to pick a husband. the contest was to string Odysseus's box & shoot an arrow through 12 ax handles. all the suitors failed to string the bow. Odysseus, the beggar, strung the box, and shot it through the 12 ax handles. he, and telemachus, killed the suitors. Athena turned Odysseus back into his old self after he killed the suitors. Penelope didn't know if it was really Odysseus, so she told the maids to remove their bed from their tree & into another room. Odysseus got mad, since right after he left for troy, he built their house & bed around a tree. Their bed was basically their symbol. Penelope then realized it was really Odysseus. Penelope & Odysseus were then reunited with each other again. Hope I helped! (:

What does Odysseus tell Penelope about himself?

Odysseus tells Penelope that he is a friend of her husband who is held captive by Calypso on the island of Ogygia. He mentions that he is a warrior from Ithaca, and that he has been trying to find his way home for many years.

What problems did odysseus' absence cause for his wife and son?

When Odysseus did not return home, his kingdom was taken over by suitors who wanted to marry his wife, Penelope. Penelope had to live with the pain that her husband had not returned and that the suitors had taken over the palace using up everything that belonged to Odysseus. Odysseus being gone cause hardship among his wife as well as his son, Telémachus. Telémachus struggled if Odysseus was dead or alive. If he was dead then he should make him a tomb and give him a proper burial.

What is the conflict for Penelope in the odyssey?

Penelope's main conflict in "The Odyssey" is dealing with the suitors who are trying to marry her while her husband Odysseus is away. She must balance her loyalty to Odysseus with the pressure to choose a suitor. This conflict drives much of the tension in the epic as Penelope tries to outwit the suitors and remain faithful to her husband.

Who is Telemachus?

-noun Classical Mythology.the son of Odysseus and Penelope who helped Odysseus to kill the suitors of Penelope.-noun Classical Mythology.The son of Odysseus and Penelope who helped Odysseus to kill the suitors of Penelope. in Greek mythology, son of Odysseus, king of Ithaca, and his wife, Penelope. The constant companion of his mother during the long years of Odysseus's wanderings after the fall of Troy, Telemachus watched with increasing unhappiness as the many ill-mannered suitors for the hand of his mother lived riotously on his father's estate. Unable to bear the taunts of these men any longer, the youth set out for Pylos to learn from the old king Nestor the fate of Odysseus. Although the old man could not help him, he sent Telemachus to Menelaus, king of Sparta, from whom the boy learned that his father had been held prisoner by the nymph Calypso. Still uncertain as to whether his father was alive or dead, Telemachus returned to Ithaca only to discover that during his absence Odysseus had returned home. The king had not revealed himself, however, having been disguised as a beggar. After a joyous reunion, Telemachus helped Odysseus kill the suitors and make himself known to Penelope. According to a later legend, Telemachus married the sorceress Circe or her daughter Cassiphone.the son of Odysseus (A+ answer).From Homer's epic poem, 'The Odyssey', Telemachus is the son of Odysseus and Penelope.

Does telemachus want Penelope to marry a suitor?

No, Telemachus does not want Penelope to marry a suitor. He is protective of his mother and wants her to wait for the return of his father, Odysseus. Telemachus believes that his father is still alive and will eventually come back home.

Do Odysseus challenge Eurymachus to a work contest?

When Odysseus comes home to Ithaca, Penelope has set up a challenge for the suitors to win her hand. Whoever is able to string Odysseus' bow and shoot an arrow cleanly through the ax heads, they will win Penelope. (Penelope, however, has a pretty good idea that no one else will be able to string Odysseus' bow except for him, so while the contest appears fair to the suitors, in reality Penelope has developed a clever plan as to avoid marrying any of them.) None of the suitors are able to string the bow. Then Odysseus comes in. (Remember, he has been disguised by Athena as an old beggar, so no one recognizes him.) To make a long story short, Odysseus is able to successfully complete the contest. Also, it is important to know that Penelope and all of the women have been sent to a room and locked in because Odysseus plans on killing all of the suitors for their crime of attempting to marry Penelope (his wife) while he was still alive. So, Penelope is not aware that someone has won the contest, the someone being Odysseus (in disguise). At the point that Odysseus wins the contest, he becomes Odysseus again, or, rather, back to his recognizable form. The suitors recognize him. Odysseus tells them he's going to kill them and what their crimes were. So, Odysseus shoots, with his bow and arrows, Antinous, the ringleader of the suitors. However, before Odysseus can kill the rest of the suitors, Eurymachus, also a sort of ringleader, steps up to ask mercy of Odysseus. He promises payments back for all the food, etc. the suitors have used up. Odysseus doesn't accept his apology, and kills all the suitors anyhow.

Why does Odysseus kill the suitors?

Odysseus fought and killed the suitors because they were courting his wife, Penelope. They dared to court the wife of a man who was still alive, and who had fought bravely for his country. Some of them did not even care much for Penelope but simply wanted the title of King of Ithaca. They also impoverished his home by abusing his family's hospitality. In Mycenaean Greece, might made right, and Odysseus was right.