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What was the original purpose of the Crusades

Which was a consequence of the Crusades

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Which best describes Mongol rule in Russia

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Q: True or false Although the Crusades led to an increase in travel and trade Western Europe still had little interaction with the new cultures encountered?
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What are positive consequences of cultural interaction?

When cultures interact, they can grow and develop based on the tendencies of other cultures. Making cultures multifaceted and developed is a benefit of cultural interaction.

What cultures did Amerigo encounter?

the hardships or obstacles encountered were

What was the clash in cultures between Muslims and Christians in 1095?


What did European and Muslim cultures have in common before crusades?

The European and Muslim cultures before the crusades commonly traded with one another. This is the reason why they had large fleets of merchant ships.

What is cross-cultural interaction?

Cross-cultural interaction means to or more cultures are interacting or blending

Why were crusades important?

The Crusades were important because they were a series of military campaigns. They also gave the opportunity to lear about other cultures and nations.

Does the crusades have any effects on relationships between modern day cultures?


What is the difference between intercultural and multicultural?

Intercultural means that there is an interaction between two or more cultures. Multicultural means that something pertains to or is represented by many different cultures. The difference is interaction versus representation.

What is the most likely explanation for why the Shang had little interaction with non-Chinese cultures?


History is the interaction between .?

History is the story of the interaction between people, the environment, ideas that form cultures, societies, and civilizations, and you, taking ownership of your place in time

What was a major trend of the Hellenistic period?

Developments in science, art, and philosophy benefited from the interaction of cultures.

What are the consequences cultural interaction?

Cultures become accustomed to different things and their ideas may change.

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