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>check/align/lubricate/replace hood(bonnet) hatch,

>check cable of smooth return upon release.

>adjust rubber stopper if equipped on both side, round rubber near the corner of the hood above the headlight,

make sure your car do not have any frontal damage like collision, if so, body repair is needed to align the hatch.

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Q: Toyota 1.6 gs s reg front bonnet opens but wont close?
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How do you open the bonnet on a Skoda felicia?

pull the bonnet release under the dasshboard on drivers side a black/red button then comes out of grill on front of car push button in and bonnet opens

How do you find radiator fluid under the bonnet of a Toyota Celica?

whats a bonnetIt't the hood on the east side of the Atlantic, and I think also in points north of the Great Lakes. And the thing that opens on the other end of the car is a "boot".

Where is the bonnet on a Ford Explorer?

That would be the HOOD , that opens to gain access to the engine compartment

Where are the locations of all airbag sensors on a ford focus 03 model?

the front senor is above the radiator and its in the middle beside the lock that opens the bonnet. thats where mines is and ive a 2003 model focus

Where is the bonnet lever on a Toyota starlet?

On my old right hand drive Starlet [here in Thailand] it is down and to the right of the steering column, near the door column and hinges, and it is a small plastic flap which I pull up to release the main bonnet locking catch.Once the bonnet pops up, sometimes needing a pull, there is another catch that is just to the right of the pin that goes into the frame. That needs to be lifted then the bonnet finally opens, there is a stay on the right to prop it open.I guess on a left hand drive it may be on the left or the right. In the USA a 'bonnet' is called a 'hood', I think. I hope this helps somebody

How do you open the bonnet of the Ford Mondeo zetec?

at front of grill slide ford emblem yo side and insert ignition key turn key to left bunnet opens slightly hold bunnet up then turn key to right

How do you open the bonnet of a 1998 Peugeot 306 LX DT?

It opens by pulling the handle at left in the drivers foot space.

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