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seat exhaust side bolt then torque opposite side to 9 ft/lbs

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Q: Torque spec for injector hold down bolts for 3126 b?
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Need torque on injector hold down clamps on 3126 cat?

In order to change the torque you will need to tighten the bolt on the exhaust side of the injector to fifty inch pounds. Tighten the drivers' side bolt to nine foot pounds.

Need torque specs on early 3126 huei with crab type injector hold down bolt and jumper tubes?

I need a specific year... preferably with engine serial number... in order to answer this. Cat never seemed content with the 3126, and always had to change something on it.

Torque injector hold down cat c9?

The torque specifications for an injector, on a Caterpillar see nine diesel engine, is seven pounds. Over torque in the injector can ruin it.

What are the engine torque specs for a 1997 Kia sportage need head bolt and cam hold down bolts?

headbolt torque is : 62 ft/lb cam hold down bolts is : 13 to 20 ft/lb

What are the torque specifications for head bolts on a 1993 Chevy Cavalier?

the longer (new bolts) are to torqued to 48lbs and the shorter ones are to be torqued to 45lbs then turn the bolts an additional 90 degrees the bolts need to be replaced with new one because they are streched when you torque them down

Should I re-torque old head bolt?

if your cylinder head is made out of aluminum ,i would say to re-torque the head.the bolts holding the head down get lengthened by the head expanding faster than the bolts.

Torque for a 350z spark plugs?

Install the new spark plug and torque it down to 15-21 ft-lb (180-252 in-lb). Install the coil pack and torque the bolts down to 64-95 in-lb (5.33-7.2 ft-lb). Install the new spark plug and torque it down to 15-21 ft-lb (180-252 in-lb). Install the coil pack and torque the bolts down to 64-95 in-lb (5.33-7.2 ft-lb).

How do you change injectors 2005 dodge cummins?

Remove valve cover, 2 wires from injector, the fuel line coming from the fuel rail to injector, the lock nut on the head where you just removed the fuel line from, put a nut on injector tube and use a pry bar to pop out the tube, remove the rocker arms (do not mess with adjusting screws) only take out center bolts 10mm, remove 2 8mm hold down bolts on injector, put pry bar under injector hold down and pop intector out. Follow these instructions in order

206 1.4 head bolts torque settings?

20nm followed by 240 degrees personally i prefer 20nm then 2x 120 degrees to take the head bolts down nice and easy

What is torque specs head bolts 2002 impala 3.4?

The 7th generation Chevrolet Impala with the LA1 engine puts down 210 ft/lbs (280 N.m) of torque. That is as far as I know.

What is an angle torque gauge?

Some torque specs on head bolts require an additional angle torque after the initial foot pounds (or Nm) has been completed. Example, torque the head bolt down to 70 ft lbs then an additional 90 degrees. The torque gauge measures that 90 degrees for you so you can be accurate.

What are the torque specs for m11 cummins on 1997 freightliner?

Well, that depends on what you're torquing down.55 ft. lbs. (75 n.m.) for the injector hold down capscrew.130 in. lbs. (15 n.m.) for the rocker cover.35 ft. lbs. (45 n.m.) for the intake manifold.20 ft. lbs. (27 n.m.) for the exhaust manifold.For the head bolts, you'll torque them to 50 ft. lbs. (68 n.m.) for the first step. Then you'd torque them to 100 ft. lbs. (136 n.m.) for the second step. Then you'd rotate the bolts 180 degrees for the third step.If there's something more you're looking for, you'll need to be more specific.