Toothpaste is it poison

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Well, it has fluoride in it and I'm pretty sure that's poison, so, yeah, it does. But don't worry! It's completely harmless!

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Q: Toothpaste is it poison
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Is rat poison really in toothpaste?

There is no rat poison in toothpaste. Never.

Is toothpaste poison?

Yes, because toothpaste contains fluoride which is poison to the human body. (If you swallow a big amount of toothpaste or drinks that include fluoride go to a doctor, if you swallow a little bit of fluoride you will be fine).

What house hold item will harm your bunny?

Rabbit Poison. Toothpaste. Spermicide.

How do you get rid of piosin ivy?

surprisingly i learned it from a Doctor that you put toothpaste on, there is a chemical in toothpaste that gets rid if poison ivy, trust me it works in a flash!

If I ate toothpaste would I die?

no but if you eat a large amount of it you should probably contact poison control...

What if you get poison ivy in the bottom of your lip?

Wash your mouth with clear water immediately, if no medicine is around, put some toothpaste on it. Go straight to a doctor.

Is it safe for dogs to eat toothpaste?

normally, it will make a dog sick or act strange. Also it can poison dogs if enough is taken in because dogs will usually swallow the paste. It's just like giving a baby regular toothpaste and regular toothpaste can also hurt a baby. DO NOT GIVE A DOG TOOTHPASTE! You can go to local stores like Walmart or Petsmart and get a dog toothpaste and brush or try to look online for recipes to make dog toothpaste.

Is children's toothpaste edible?

No, children's toothpaste is not edible...if it contains fluoride and it will make you or a child very sick. "Toddler" toothpaste does not contain fluoride - so check the container if you are not sure which type of toothpaste is being questioned.The U.S. poison control centers receive thousands of calls each year due to fluoride poisoning. Early symptoms include stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, fever and excessive saliva. In rare cases, cardiac failure can occur.Most tubes of children's fluoride toothpaste made in the USA contain enough fluoride to severely poison a child who weighs up to 62 lbs. if the whole tube is ingested. The smaller the child the less toothpaste is needed to be toxic.Excessive toothpaste use by children under the age of 8 can result in the development of fluorosis in the form of small white specks on the teeth or more severe discoloration and roughness. This damage is found on the child's permanent teeth.Prevention:Children's toothpaste should be placed on the brush in an amount roughly the size of a pea.Keep toothpaste and all medicine out of reach of small children.Always supervise children up to age 6 while they brush their teeth to make sure the toothpaste is being spit out.

Should you be worried if your kids eat paste?

if your talking about toothpaste then it depends on how much your child has swallowed. if he has eaten a lot then yes, and you should call poison control right away.

You swallowed toothpaste?

If you swallow more than is used for brushing u can get stomach achesb (u should call poison control) but if you just swallow a little than nothing will happen.

What is collective noun for toothpaste?

The collective noun for toothpaste is a tube of toothpaste.

What is the tagalog of toothpaste?

The Tagalog word for toothpaste is "pasta ng ngipin."