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Sunlight sufficient to power photosynthesis in marine plants penetrates to a depth of approximately (~660 feet). Sunlight decreases from this depth to approximately 900 meters (~3000 feet) where sunlight no longer penetrates. This sunlight-less region is known as the aphotic zone.

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Q: To what depth does sunlight penetrate the ocean?
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How far down does sunlight go in an ocean?

Sunlight can penetrate into the ocean to an average depth of about 200 meters (656 feet). This depth can vary depending on factors such as water clarity, time of day, and geographic location. Beyond this depth, the ocean becomes progressively darker as less sunlight is able to penetrate.

What is the relationship between depth and sunlight?

The relationship between depth and sunlight is positive. The more sunlight there is, the deeper you can see into the ocean.

Oceanographers can use sonar to calculate the depth of the ocean floor because?

sound waves can penetrate the ocean floor.

To What average depth does light penetrate in the ocean?

There is no "usable" light agter 200 meters...

Why are deep areas of the ocean dark?

The further down, the less sunlight is able to penetrate into the darkness.

Why is it impossible for plankton to live in the deepest part of the ocean?

Because they need sunlight, which can't penetrate that deep.

To what dept does sunlight penetrate the ocean?

Somewhere in the Mesopelagic Zone (200m to 1000m). Although enough sunlight makes it here for some animals it is too dim for photosynthesis. There is no sunlight beneath this zone.

Why does the light decrease as you go deeper into the ocean?

the more you go down the denser the water gets until the water is so dense that the sunlight can't reach the bottom of the ocean.

Which ocean zone does sunlight penetrate?

The epipelagic zone is the region in the ocean that is exposed to a sufficient enough amount of sunlight to allow photosynthesis to occur.

Which ocean zone has the most sunlight?

Oceans consist of 3 Zones, which are classified by the amount of light that passes through. The top two Ocean layers allow for sunlight to penetrate through, however NOT the third & deepest ocean zone. Euphotic Zone or 'Sunlight' Zone - Depth 200 Meters: The top most 200 meters of ocean is called the Euphotic Zone (or called the 'Sunlight' Zone). Sunlight travels easily throughout this Zone of the Ocean and plant-life flourishes in this Zone and is immensely widespread. Dysphotic Zone or 'Twilight' Zone - Depth 200 Meters - 1000 Meters: This layer, immediately beneath the Euphotic Zone/'Sunlight' Zone, between 200 meters and 1000 meters is called the Dysphotic Zone (or more commonly called the 'Twilight' Zone). Sunlight dissipates quickly as the depth increases, and very little light penetrates throughout this zone. Aphotic Zone or 'Midnight' Zone - Depth 1000+ Meters: The Aphotic Zone (sometimes called the 'Midnight' Zone), exists at depths below 1000 meters. No sunlight reaches this zone at all. It is completely absent of light; hence the slang term for it - 'Midnight' Zone.

What does photiczone mean?

Photiczone is the depth or area of the water in a lake or ocean, that is exposed to sufficient sunlight for photosynthesis. At a certain depth, not enough light bets through to allow for plant growth that needs sunlight.

I can reach a depth of about 80 meters in an ocean. I am not a human being or not man-made thing.Who am I?

sunlight i suppose