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doing drugs,radiation and not exercising is three main ways.

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Q: Three ways in which humans damage their health?
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What are three ways humans interact with environment40 example?

Three ways with which humans interact with the environment include dependency for livelihood, to modify it and adapt to conditions.

How do humans affect landforms?

what are three ways that people have changed the land in our country

What are three ways humans impact watersheds?

people pee in it

What are three ways you can communicate a health issue to your community?

post flyers

What are three ways in which the level of health and welfare are measured in a country?


Describe at least three different ways in which humans interact with the environment and at least three different ways the environment interacts with humans?

Humans interact with the environment by harvesting crops, building infrastructure and breathing. The environment interacts with humans through erosion, the water cycle and weather patterns.

What are some ways humans can damage their health?

lack of exercise because the human body need to be fit at all times to avoid deseases

What are various common diseases humans are susceptible to and what are the ways to prevent them?

You didn't pay attention in Health class did you?

What are three ways in which humans use the interactions between matter and energy?

Mrs mavromatis

What are three ways that plants move?

Wind,Water and living things (Animals and humans)

What are three ways that earthquakes causes damage?

Damage to houses or structures.Wreck land or fields with crops.Or it can cause a tsunami and can destroy the coast.You are welcome.

How can physical abuse have an effect on your health?

It can damage you in many ways. For example, if you are hit in the head you can get brain damage. If you get hit in certain areas you get paralyzed. There are many ways how it can affect your health. If you get hit by your heart you may also die id the person hitting you hits really hard. And of course being physically abused is going to effect your health. mentally and physically.