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the more classification levels that two organisms share

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Q: This kingdom is the only kingdom of eukaryotes that contains both autotrophs and heterotrophs and unicellular and multicellular organisms.?
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Which kingdom is composed of eukaryotes which are mostly unicellular that can be heterotrophs or autotrophs?


Which kingdom is the only kingdom of eukaryotes that contains both autotrophs and heterotrophs and both unicellular and multi cellular organisims?

Protista, of course.

Can eukaryotes be unicellular or multicellular?


What is the difference between prokaryotesw and eukaryotes?

Prokaryotes are unicellular, and Eukaryotes are multicellular.

Is a lion a multi-cellular or uni-cellular?

is a lion a multicellular or unicellular I believe that it is multicellular like all eukaryotes hope this helps! from sjblfamily

Are al eukaryotes large multicellular organisms?

No. Eukaryotes are simply organisms that have DNA in a separate nucleus. Some are unicellular. Some are multicellular.

Is a protista unicellular or multicellular?

Protists can be unicellular or in a colony of similar organisms but do not differentiate into tissues. They are eukaryotes.

What is a group of unicellular or multicellular heterotrophic eukaryotes that do not move place to place?


Do eukaryotic cells have the capacity to assemble into multicellular organisms?

Yes, Eukaryotes can either assemble into Multicellular or Unicellular organisms.

Are mosses unicellular or multicellular?

Mosses are part of the plant kingdom and are not unicellular

Are protists unicelluar or multicellular?

it can be considered a multicellular organism

Are all eukaryotes heterotrophic?

Not all but certain insects and animals are heterotrophs Wellington sucks that stuff in your body