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go on good websites on your laptop- like- - games - everyone knows what youtube is...

also and funny facts/laws

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Q: Things to do to stay awake on an all nighter?
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The meaning of pull an all nighter?

it means to stay awake for 24 hours straight

What does it mean to pull an all nighter?

It means that you have gone out of your way to stay awake for an entire night and continue onto the next day without sleeping

How do you pull an all nighter without coffee?

You can pull an all nighter without coffee by finding something interesting to do. If you keep yourself busy, it will decrease the time for you to get tired. Eating and drinking liquids high in sugar and caffeine can keep you awake.

How long does a scorpion stay awake?

It would stay awake all night ( nocturnal ). Then it would stay asleep for the day.

What is an all-nighter?

An all-nighter is something which occurs throughout the entire night.

What is am All nighter?

an 'all nighter' is when you stay up ALL night with no sleep, no "resting", no napping. some rules you might consider are: 1) you MUST be awake with someone else at all times (unless your by yourself). 2)you must stay up for 24 hours, or until the sun rises. 3)if you are by yourself, you must have a report on a public website every 1/2 hour to 2 hours about your progress. 4)you must have something to keep you up, as well as a time telling device like a watch you clock. 5)and finally, you must have sustained your 'all nighter' statues until the time limit set by you is reached. then is which you can brag to your friends and collapse from exostion.

What actors and actresses appeared in The All Nighter Hour - 2011?

The cast of The All Nighter Hour - 2011 includes: Chris Donahoe as Stash Eliot Preschutti as All Nighter

Who Is All Nighter in the All Nighter Hour in Pittsburgh?

The Sexy Guy playing All Nighter on the All Nighter Hour in Pittsburgh Is Eliot Preschutti. I'd totally flip if i had the chance to go out with him, he's sooo funny and gorgeous. Eliot Preschutti, I want to be mrs preschutti.

Do honeybees drone stay awake all winter?

yes they do

How should you stay awake all night?

You should not stay a wake all night but if you what to you could drink coffee

What actors and actresses appeared in All Nighter - 2004?

The cast of All Nighter - 2004 includes: Dan McCabe as Sport

What does all nighter mean?

The word "all-nighter" refers to an event that runs into the night, such as a study session, prior to an exam.