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Q: The treatment considered the most effective against current day health threats is?
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Is a sea anchor effective against current?

No. The sea anchor uses the force of the current to counteract the force of the wind.

Definition of microcurrent?

A popular treatment for aging skin, uses low level electrical current to trigger the body's natural skin enhancement chemicals at a cellular level, giving skin therapists an effective tool against the signs of skin aging.

Is a bone spur considered a pre-existing condition?

only if you have been treated for it prior to your current insurance effective date

What makes Tricomin an effective hair treatment?

Tricomin is an effective hair treatment as it does not promise the re-growth of you hair, instead it focuses on guarding the hair that you have at the moment. It does this by reinforcing the roots and improving the general hair structure, it adds body and life while protecting and restoring balance and it maintains the current condition of your hair.

Antimicrobial against E coli?

There are some strains of E-coli for which there is no current antibiotic that is effective however chlorine bleach will still work on contaminated surfaces.

What is the effective current in an ac series circuit with a peak current of 20A?

Assuming a sine wave, the RMS current (the effective current) is the peak current divided by the square root of 2. In this case, that would be approximately 14 ampere.

When was Boats Against the Current created?

Boats Against the Current was created in 1977-08.

What are the current and future treatment the progeria disease?

No there is not

What is the most effective weapon against cholera?

Cleanliness. They weren't called the dark ages for nothing, at that time, in Europe, bathing was considered sinful.

What is provision for taxation?

The amount which is kept by the company to pay taxes against its profits is known as provision for taxation. Provision for taxation considered as current liability.

How long is norplant effective?

Norplant was effective for five years. The current implant on the US market, Nexplanon, is effective for three years.

Why is the muscle of the current an effective phrase?

beucase its nice