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Don't let the wheel slam up when releasing the lever as this loosens the mechanism. The knuckle the wheel pivots on is worn out.

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Q: The tilt steering on your 1989 gmc is loose bolts are tight what is wrong?
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Why wont your front tires turn when you turn the steering wheel?

This could be a number of items wrong. Typically, the steering column bolts break. There is a "knuckle" at the end, you should be able to look under the hood and see where it connects to. Or, your steering wheel could be loose. Either way, DO NOT DRIVE, until you have it figured out.

What is wrong when the wiper blades do not work on a Chevy Corsica?

wiper motor or the bolts holding it tight.

How to fix a shower handle?

What is wrong with the shower handle? Loose? Too tight? Leaking? Not working?

What is wrong if a car won't turn over brake pedal is stuck and steering wheel is tight?

could be your ignition

What is wrong with steering on a 1996 Pontiac firebird when you go to take off or turn your wheels it like you have no steering. If your are driving along above 5miles an hour the steering works?

It is possible the power steering fluid is low,or the belt is loose.

How do you get rid of too much play in steering on a 1992 Camaro and would it be possible to change with that of a 1987 Camaro?

too much play in the steering wheel is from worn or damaged steering components. The things that could be wrong are this: worn or damaged upper/lower ball joints, worn or damaged power steering pump, Loose, worn, damaged, or faulty power steering control valve, Loose or worn power steering cylinder, Leaking, clogged or incorrectly installed power steering hose, Leaking, worn or damaged rack & pinion steering assembly, Loose, worn, or incorrectly adjusted steering gear or steering gear mounting bolts, Loose, worn or incorrectly adjusted tie rod end(s), Loose, worn, damaged, or improperly aligned centerlink or other steering component(s), Worn, damaged, seized or faulty kingbolt(kingpin), or a Worn pitman arm or other front end part(s). The most likely cause of the play in the wheel is the ball joints, the tie rod ends, or the pitman arm. Since the 92 and the 87 model are both 3rd gen, they MIGHT swap, but if both cars are that old, your best bet would be to just replace the old worn parts with new ones.

97 Chevy pickup grinds when turning steering wheel not low on fluid. What could be wrong?

Air in the PS system, loose belt or a tired PS pump.

What is wrong if car pulls to the right when hit the brakes?

The two main possibilites are. (1)Brake caliper and/or brake hose. (2) Suspension/steering parts worn/loose

Loose foot brake on your 1996 intruder1400 was wondering how to fix it you have had it to the shop and they told you that is just the way it is not when your brake light is on?

check everything your brake pedal is attached to sometimes the mounting bracket bolts come loose there for pedal wobles left to right Other then that yes there is nothing wrong with you brakes just pedal got one of the holding bolts loose sometimes you have to climb under dash board to get to brackets.

What am I missing I have un bolted all the bolts to remove my automatic tranny from a 1993 Regal gransport and it still wont come un loose from engine What am I doing wrong?

Is this automatic or manual

Dodge 1999 Durango piece of crap makes a thumping noise when steering when the wheel is turned half way or all the way What is wrong with it now also loose control of the steering sometimes?

you have a possible pressure leak causing air in your system or check your belts tension

What could be wrong with my 1998 crown Victoria if I hear a rattling noise from the rear?

Could be loose exhaust pipe or bracket, loose top bushing on shock, or check top of air bag to make sure it is tight. Check all control arm bushings also.