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The science of eugenics was the practice of only allowing genes that were favorable to be passed on to offspring. People with undesirable traits were often killed or castrated.

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Q: The science of eugenics held that?
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What is true about the science of eugenics?

it was a false science developed to justify anti-immigrant beliefs.

What fake science was used by anti-immigrants groups?


What fake science was used by anti immigration groups?


Which fake science was used anti-immigrant groups?


Which fake science was used by anti-immigrants group?


Which fake science was used by anti-immigrant groups?


What do you mean by eugenics and euphenics?

eugenics is a term referring to the science of improving the racial question of humanity through selective breeding of superior types.

How did nativists use the science of eugenics?

To say that nonwhites were weaker races than whites

The science of improving hereditary qualities is known as?

Selective breeding or Genetic Engineering or Eugenics

What was the name of the science that lent authority to racist therios and reinvigorated the navist argument for strict immigration control?


How did the science of eugenics work to advance the cause of nativists?

It said that the poverty of immigrants and minorities was due to racial inferiorty

What is the principal of eugenics?

the principal of eugenics are racism and abortion..