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How often do meteorites hit Earth

The adjustments of materials that follow a major earthquake often generate smaller earthquakes called

Most earthquakes are produced by the rapid release of which kind of energy stored in rock subjected to great forces

What does an earthquake's magnitude measure

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Q: The maintenance of hydrostatic equilibrium of the Earth's crust is called?
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Why is Mars round?

Basically it is because of gravity. The technical explanation is called the " principle of hydrostatic equilibrium ".

What effect does stellar equilibrium have on stars?

The properties of a main-sequence star can be understood by considering the various physical processes occurring in the interior. First is the hydrostatic balance, also called hydrostatic equilibrium. This determines the density structure of the star as the internal pressure gradient balances against the force of gravity.

What stage of stars life is the force of thermonuclear fusion equal to the force of gravity?

The phenomenon is called hydrostatic equilibrium - it pushes the star in to a stable state and it marks the start of the Main Sequence.

What is it called when air pressure on earth decreases?

As a person climbs to a higher point on earth, the air pressure decreases because there is less air above you. ... The phenomenon is called "hydrostatic equilibrium".

Stellar equilibrium relies on fusion and gravity to maintain stars in their current form?

Yes, a stable star is in equilibrium, called hydrostatic equilibrium, when the outward pressure from heat caused by core fusion processes balances the inward pull of gravity. There are other factors which alter the form of stars such as their rotation or gravity from external sources such as a nearby mass.

What is a skeleton that is made out of water called?

a hydrostatic skeleton

What is the state of equilibrium called?

Dont u mean what is equilibrium?

Animals without an endoskeleton of bone or cartilage are called?


The balance of forces that keeps a star from collapsing is called?


The balance of forces that keeps a star from collapsing is called .?


What is it called when the quantity demanded equals the quantity supplied by producers?

this is called equilibrium or competitive equilibrium.

The ability to maintain bodily equilibrium?

The ability to maintain bodily equilibrium is called balance or balancing.

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