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The Primary is the first responsiblity of medical billing and if you have dual then the secondary will cover what the primary does not if not its out of pocket or Dudctible

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Q: The insurance company with the first responsibility for payment of a bill for medical services is known as?
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What is the name of the insurance company with the first responsibility for payment of a bill for medical services?


Why is insurance billing important to the medical office?

So the healthcare provider can be reimbursed his contractual amount from the insurance company for his services.

What services are offered by Unicare Insurance?

Unicare Insurance offers medical insurance services for its clients that are either employees or business owners. The medical services offered are mainly dental services.

What services does WellPoint Inc provide?

WellPoint Inc. was formed when WellPoint and Anthem combined their services. They provide medical insurance. WellPoint can be obtained through an employee's company insurance program.

Atnea is a common misspelling of which insurance company?

"Atnea" is a common misspelling of "Aetna" insurance company. They provide consumer directed healthcare services and insurance related services like dental, medical and pharmaceutical care for their customers. They also provide disability plans for customers.

What services does Atlas Direct provide?

Atlas Direct is a company that specializes in both travel and medical insurance. Atlas Direct is a United Kingdom based travel insurance company that was formed in 1990.

In Missouri is a wife responsible for husband's medical debts?

It may depend on the insurance policy, as primary holder will always have a responsibility. And a spouse is considered to benefit from such services.

Is there a company called Travel Medical Insurance?

Yes, there is a company named Travel Medical Insurance . Their website is

Where can one purchase student medical insurance?

One can purchase a student medical insurance from the following online insurance companies; HCC Medical Insurance Services, Aetna Medical Insurance, and United Healthcare.

One major difference has to do with the governments' responsibility for?

medical services

What is the responsibility of the federal department of health and services?

medicaid and medical

What services does American Medical Response provide?

American Medical Response is an American company that provides and manages medical transportation. The company's services include emergency and non-emergency ambulance services, air ambulance services, event medical services, and EMT services.