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a bleeding

b circulaton

c fractures

d blocked airway

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Q: The first thing you should check on and injured person?
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What first aid should be given to a person bitten by a crocodile?

first you should call the ambulance and then you should make sure the person tries not to move the injured person. Then you should use a gauze to stop any bleeding and keep putting pressure on it it'll the ambulance comes.

The first priority at every accident site?

The first thing to do is check if any passengers have been injured including yourself. If there is anyone else invloved try to get help if they have a serious wound or have been knocked out. Call an ambulance or police if anyone is injured. IMPORTANT! Do not move a seriously injured person as you might make it worse.

If your boat runs aground what should you do first?

Check for the safety of passengers and then check for leaks.

What are the first things a person should check when there is no sound on the computer?

The sound card is the first item what you need to check. If have no problem with the card, you need to check the software. And maybe you need check the connection,

What is the conclusion on first aid?

The conclusion of first aid is to provide rapid assistant to the injured person and place the person in a comfortable position. This can be in the form of placing a bandage on the injured area and providing a sling to hold the affected part.

What is meant by first aid?

the first help that an injured person needs before the doctor arrives is called first aid.

When a victim is bleeding the first thing you should do before starting first aid is...?

You first check the scene is safe. Then you check the person. Then you call 911. Then put on protective barriers such as gloves if available. Then you treat.

What should you do first when your boat capsizes?

First check for the other passengers to make sure they are not trapped or injured. Find some piece of flotation to hang onto and if possibly climb up onto the inverted hull of the vessel.

Can an injured person refuse first aid?

An injured person can refuse treatment. Although you should explain the consequences if they refuse treatment. For example, if somebody has a wound and they refuse treatment you should explain how it could get infected if not treated. However, if a patient has a possible injury to their head or is unable to make appropriate decisions due to a neurological condition then you could treat the patient but if you are a first aider then you should not treat the patient yourself and should contact 999 for further advice. As it is a grey area and can really depend on that specific case.

Who was the first person to eat chocolate and what year?

some say shea Patterson i am not sure u should type it in to check

Which should you check first signs of life or a pulse?

first sign of life

What is defined as the immediate care given to person who has been injured or has suddenly become ill?

First Aid