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the consent of the governed

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free trade

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Q: The colonists slogan no taxation without representation expresses a belief in?
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Which was the common slogan used by colonists to express anger towards the British taxes?

"No Taxation Without Representation!" was the phrase.

What was the colonists rally cry?

It was because of the unfair taxes and the Massacre which killed 5 colonists.

What was a popular protest cry by the colonists?

no taxation, without representation representation

What does the phrase taxation without representation' mean?

"no taxation without representation" means that they dont want taxes without somebody to speak for them (the colonists)

Who spoke out taxation without representation?

The British colonists in America before the War of Independence (no taxation without representation /in the British Parliament/).

What was the phrase the colonists used to support their argument?

"No taxation without representation"

One of the grievances of the American colonists was that they had taxation without?


What was the colonists biggest argument about the taxes?

Taxation without representation.

What was virtual representation and how did it affect colonists?

Virtual Representation was rejected by the colonists and their delegates when Parliament began taxing them without their consent - remember: "no taxation without representation"

Why shouldn't the british tax the colonists?

No taxation without representation in parliament

What act did the colonists consider taxation without representation?

Stamp act

What is it called when the colonists did not have a say about the taxes they had to pay?

No taxation without representation.