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The kind of programs you watch on TV decides if it's halal or haram. All useful & interesting programs are halal as long as they are respectful & do not oppose the Islamic morals. so, in conclusion you are the decision maker & the judge on yourself.

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Q: Television is haram or halal in Islam?
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dr zakirnaik is shares are halal or haram in Islam

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What is haram and what is halal?

haram means prohibited by religion & halal means allowed by religion (Islam).

What is halal to drink but haram to eat in Islam?

To drink (control) anger is halal but to eat it is haram.

Is forex is halal or haram according to Islam?

Yes, forex is a haram according to the teachings of Islam.

Is kangaroo's meat in Islam Halal or Haram.?

Kangaroo meat is Halal

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No its Haram to have a Dog as a pet in Islam.

Is sex anus haram or halal about married couple?

Islam strictly prohibits sex anus. Haram!

Is it harram in Islam to eat something after sex?

No it is not haram so long the food itself is not haram. Haram is prohibited all the times including sex times and halal is allowed all the times. It is your choice that makes it Halal or Haram depending on what you do or eat! Please educate yourself about Islam. See these links.

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There is no question of Halal or Haram in such matters. Islam does not interfere in such petty matters. If it is a means of your earning, it is good. It is used in the spread of information and education.

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