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Vitamin A

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Q: Taking a large amount of this vitamin can be toxic because it accumulates in the liver?
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Why Safety Is Important When Taking A Vitamin A Supplement?

Vitamin A is an important element required for the healthy functioning of the body. One of the easiest ways to get the suggested dietary amount is through the use of vitamin A supplements. It is important to pay attention to the amount of vitamin A that is ingested, however, because large doses can actually be very harmful and even cause vitamin A poisoning. Most vitamin A supplements should be taken only after examining the amount of the vitamin in any other supplements being taken. Additionally, some topical skin treatments contain vitamin A as well and can be absorbed into the body quickly. Taking too much vitamin A can result in serious liver damage, although a vitamin A deficiency is equally as harmful over time.

What vitamin gives you extra strength and endurance?

No vitamin does. Your body needs a balanced amount with protein, sugars and fats. You can not win a race with just taking an extra dose of a vitamin.

Which desert accumulates the least amount of rain in august?


Do you fast for a vitamin D blood test?

No you are not required to fast before taking a vitamin D 25 blood test. This test determines the amount of Vitamin D a person has in their system.

Can you eat onions while taking warfarin?

Since beetroot only contains a small amount of vitamin K, you can eat it whilst taking warfarin. However, you should not eat beet greens as these are high in vitamin K.

A large amount of fat amount of fat accumulates in the?

Belly mainly Also, butt, thighs, hips

Why is taking fresh fruit and vegetables from vitamin c better than taking tablets?

Well, it's better to eat fruit, and see if you get the decent amount of vitamin C that you want, instead of taking a risk of eating a tablet for it, and get sick or something. Hope this helps! : ) -Your Average Advanced-Content 6th Grader

Why do the livers of seals contain a large amount of vitamin A?

Liver contains high levels of vitamin A, and because polar bears subsist largely on seals, including seal liver, their own livers are loaded with vitamin A.

Which vitamin is present in large amount in sour fruit?

Vitamin C

Do English peas have vitamin K?

They have a low amount of vitamin k

Can you overdose on B12 and D vitamin (Taking more than the recommended amount)?

You cannot overdose on vitamin B12 but you can overdose on vitamin D. However some people are allergic to B12 (apparently to the cobalt) and it can have interactions with some medications as well as worsening certain preexisting medical conditions.

Is vitamin c in tomatoes?

there is a small amount. to get vitamin C, eat oranges.