States where marijuana is fully legal?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Recreationally smoking? Washington and Colorado, but not in public or while driving.

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Q: States where marijuana is fully legal?
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Is marijuana legal in Mississippi?

Even though some states have decriminalized marijuana, it is not legal anywhere in the United States.

Is smoking marijuana legal in the United States?


What states medical marijuana is legal?


Where is marijuana fully legal in the world?

north Korea. it is unregulated and un taxed.

Where is marihuana legal?

Its actually spelt "Marijuana" no it is not legal in the United states it is legal in AmsterDam

Is legal marijuana legal in NC?

No. See link for states that have legalized it for medical purposes.

Is weed legal in dc?

Marijuana is currently illegal in all states of America apart from medical marijuana, which is only legal in the state of California.

In what states has marijuana been legalized?

Not all states have approved the legal use of marijuana. Many states are still pending decisions for legalization, with at least 18 states approving the use of marijuana for medical use.

When will marijuana be legal in NY?

When it's made legal under federal law. There is no legal marijuana in any state or territory of the United States. Some states have decriminalized it at the state level, meaning that they've declined to prosecute.

How many states forbid growing marijuana?

The majority of US states forbid the growth and use of marijuana. There are only two states in which marijuana has been fully legalised and several others have legalised it for medical use only. There are 30 states that forbid the growth and use of marijuana entirely.

Is marijuana legal in Oakland Calif?

In all of the United States it is illegal

Is cannabis legal in NV?

No, unfortunately marijuana is illegal in all 50 states.