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Battle Of The Networks' Stars Synopsis: The star of MacKenzie Falls (So Random! rival show) Chad Dylan Cooper is planning to make a documentary on his life, casting people to play the cast of So Random! Chad decided to have the real So Random! cast to play as themselves, except for Sonny, because Chad thinks Sonny has a diva personality. So, Chad decided to enlist Selena Gomez to play as Sonny Munroe. To learn more about Sonny's character, Selena follows Sonny around. Sonny gets jealous of not getting the part and starts to make fun of Selena's "Wizards" character by creating a sketch about wizards, so Selena gets Sonny and Chad to realize their feelings for each other.

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Q: Sonny With a Chance season 1 episode 13?
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What episode of Sonny With a Chance was Selena Gomez in?

she was in the one where she went to hip hop camp and where Chad said oh, this is better than my show.

Sonny With a Chance season 2?

Sonny With A Chance Season 2 Episode List:Episode 1: Falling For The Falls (Part 1)Episode 2: Walk A Mile In My PantsEpisode 3: The Legend Of Candy FaceEpisode 4: Sonny Get Your GoatEpisode 5: Gassie PassesEpisode 6: Chad With a ChanceEpisode 7: What I Bike About YouEpisode 8: Sonny with a Secrete (Part 1)Episode 9: Sonny with a Secrete (Part 2)Episode 10:That's So SonnyEpisode 11:So Random ChristmasEpisode 12:Falling For The Falls (Part 2)Episode 13:Tween ChoiceEpisode 14:Zora BlossomsThere goin to be 25 episode in the new season

Where can you watch Sonny With a Chance episode 13?

When does episode 13 of Sonny With a Chance air?

June.7,09 and Selena Gomez - Guest Stars !

Sonny With a Chance episode list season 2?

"Walk a Mile in My Pants"2 "Sonny Get Your Goat"3 "Gassie Passes"4 "Sonny with a Song"5 "High School Miserable"6 "Legend of Candy Face"7 "Gummy with a Chance"8 "Random Acts of Disrespect"9 "Grady with a Chance of Sonny"10 "Falling for the Falls (Part 1)"11 "Falling for the Falls (Part 2)"12-13 "Sonny with a Secret"14 "The Problem with Pauly"15 "That's So Sonny"16 "Chad without a Chance"17 "My Two Chads"18 "A So Random! Halloween Special"19 "Sonny with a 100% Chance of Meddling"20 "Dakota's Revenge"21 "Sonny with a Kiss"22 "A So Random! Holiday Special"23 "Sonny with a Grant"24 "Marshall with a Chance"25 "Sonny with a Choice"26 "New Girl" - Due to come out on January 2nd 2011! ;DRead more: list-of-sonny-with-a-chance-episodes

What happened in Sonny With a Chance episode 13?

Sonny is upset that Selena Gomez is playing the part of SOnny in Chad's movie instead of her. Sonny corrects Selenas faults and Selena finally quits and Sonny is given the part!

Are Chad and Sonny going to date in Sonny With a Chance ep 13?

Yes. It has been revealed that on the first episode of season two Chad asks Sonny out and she says yes. But after a misshap, they agree to date secretly, behind their castmates backs. But I have a feeling that somehow they will find out ;) Go Channy!!!

When will Sonny With a Chance episode 13 come?

Battle of the Network Stars was released on the 7th of June. If you missed it you can watch it on Youtube.

How many episodes are there is Sonny With a Chance season 2?

I think theres like 13-17.Mabey im not sure

What episode of McLeod's Daughters did Tess have a leech?

Season 2 episode 13

What are the ratings and certificates for Sonny with a Chance - 2009 The Problem with Pauly 2-13?

Sonny with a Chance - 2009 The Problem with Pauly 2-13 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-G

When will Rosario vampire season 2 episode 14 come out?

it wont episode 13 was the last until season 3