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Sweet Caroline is one of the most famous songs played at Red Sox games. It is played in the eight inning of every Red Sox home game.

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Q: Songs played during Red Sox games?
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What songs are played during the sports bar scene in Rose Red?

There are a few songs that are played during the scene in the sports bar during the film Rose Red. They are In the Mood by Joe Garland, Theme From A Summer Place by Max Steiner, and Pennsylvania Six-five thousand Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller.

What songs are played at Detroit Red Wings hockey games?

One popular song is "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.

What songs are played during Red Wings games?

Detroit Rock City, Don't Stop Believing, Sandstorm, Satisfaction, E, The Launch, Ready To Roll those are some that I know and I'm a huge Wings fan! GO WINGS!!!!!!!

Who was the Red Sox catcher in 1971?

Duane Josephson played 87 games at catcher for the 1971 Red Sox, Bob Montgomery played 66 games, Carlton Fisk played 14 games, and Don Pavletich played 10 games.

Number of games red wings have played?

40 of them

Which player in Red Sox history has played the most career games?

The player that played more games as a Boston Red Sox than anybody is Carl Yastrzemski.

What song is played during shootouts at Detroit Red Wings games?

either sirius by Alan parsons project or holding out for a hero by bonnie tyler. =]

Can anyone list a majority of the songs that get played at Joe Louis Arena during Detroit Red Wings games?

Cum on feel the noize Don't Stop Believing Misunderstanding A MAtter of Trust Every Time We Touch Detroit Rock City Livin On a Prayer Sweet Caroline

Who played the most games for the red wings?

Gordie Howe.

How much songs are in red Taylor Swift?

Red has 16 songs on it.

What Red Sox Player holds the record for most games played?

Carl Yastrzemski holds the record for most career games played with the Boston Red Sox with 3,308.

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