Some days your balls shrink

Updated: 9/13/2023
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I dont know about you but stimulants and cold cause mine to shrink. Is this a serious question? Also I dont think it is the actual shrinking of the testicals just a theory but I believe it is probably shrinking of the scrotum sack!!!

Is this a serious question? If so here we go.My balls shrink when they are cold or I have stimulants coffee etc. But this is just a theory I believe it is the nut sack that actually shrinks and not the balls themselves. Is this a female asking this question?

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Q: Some days your balls shrink
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Is it normal for your balls to shrink if you have to poop?

NO that's abnormal for your balls to shrink even before or after pooping =(

Why does cold air shrink balls?

to Obtain Heat

If you put your laptop on your lap will your balls shrink?

yes they will it happend to me

Why shouldn't we read in unsufficient light?

Because your balls will shrink. Your eyeballs, that is.

Does red bull shrink your balls?

Creatine does not shrink your testicles. Creatine is simply a protein and sometimes it is used to build muscles or help people gain weight.

How do get out of shrink ray island?

In C.J.'s bedroom, there is a blimp next to the fish and the Newton balls.

Does winstrol shrink your balls?

Yes. Depending on how much you are using, throw in some hcg 500iu split up in 2 pokes twice a week, 250 mg for 4 weeks and you should be good to go. If you are worried about your balls shrinking then don't bother juicing cuz mine shrink when I do winny tabs, but if I'm doing test / dbol it seems like they blow up!

Why do cotton balls shrink when absorbing water?

Cotton balls shrink when absorbing water because the water molecules cause the cotton fibers to swell and become more tightly packed together. As a result, the fibers contract in size, leading to the overall shrinkage of the cotton ball.

What do steroids do with muscles?

it make your muscles to buff, and shrink ones testicles**** only temporary shrinkage of the balls

How often should you was your jeans?

Huh? if you mean wash, you should never wash them otherwise they shrink and rack your balls.

Why do sports test for social drugs as well as performance inhancing drugs?

because sterods shrink ur balls

What can too much steroids do to your body?

You get stronger, but you act liek a jerk and ur balls shrink