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Q: Smell of toast in your sleep that wakes you up?
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How long does a red-tailed hawk sleep?

About ten hours. After it wakes up, it wakes up its baby/kid.

What causes the musty smell that Brian notices when he wakes up?

He smells the smell of a porcupine

How does a white tiger sleep?

so when the tiger wakes up he can be active

How does Chris Brown sleep?

he does but he has dreams of rihanna seaking revenge so he wakes up and doesn't sleep

Who does Odysseus sleep with?

He sleeps with Calypso, But when he wakes up, he thinks only of Penelope.

Why is Peeta Mellark worried in the afternoon when he wakes up by Katniss?

When Peeta wakes up from Katniss' sleep syrup he finds her in a pool of blood. He does his best to patch her up, but is still worried about her before and after she wakes up, and tells her not to move. He is worried for her health.

Why bats sleep hanging upside-down?

Bats sleep hanging upside-down because it will directly fly when it wakes up!

The chicks wakes up late in the morning and goes to sleep early in the evening why?

She's lazy.

Why is Edward in Bellas room when she wakes up?

Because Edward likes to watch Bella sleep

How long do people sleep if they go to bed at eight thirty pm and wakes up at eight thirty am?

You sleep for 12 hours exactly.

Is MCAT really dangerous?

No just wakes you up even if your doing huge lines all night it just wakes you up and your in complete control but the next morning you feel depressed and you sweat it out so you smell of it

What makes a loud piercing noise that suddenly wakes you up and jolts your body when you are dozing off to sleep?

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