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The janitor was awfully replaced by Two security guards. It was horrible, but then again it would be hard for anyone to replace the Janitor.

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Q: Since the janitor has left who took his place in Season 9 of Scrubs?
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Why isn't the janitor in Scrubs anymore?

In real life Neil Flynn made another commitment with a new show that he was a main star in. He wanted to place more effort into that as he knew Scrubs was coming to an end. On the SHOW the Janitor left cause J.D had gone-he didn't really do his job, the point of him being there was to torment J.D. Neil Flynn's reasons however.

Why did they change in scrubs season 10?

There is no Scrubs season 10. I'm assuming you're referring to season 9 and the fairly radical changes that took place in the cast for that season. It's because everyone assumed scrubs would end with season 8. That's why the last episode of season 8 is entitled "My Finale." However, ABC wanted to get more out of the show, so they signed on for another season. Thing is, a good portion of the cast members had already left. Honestly... they should have ended it with season 8. Season 9 was kind of horrible.

Where can one view Scrubs on tv?

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Where can one watch season one of Scrubs?

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Why did Katherine call jb janitor boy in the book sent?

One of the first known instances of seeing JB was when he was pretending to be a janitor to talk to Jonah and place the file on the FBI agent's desk.