Should you wipe

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Yes. You should wipe after using the bathroom. It will make you feel clean and comfortable walking. If you make a bowel movement without wiping afterwards, it may make a mess around your butt area inside your pants(or come through your pants and make a mess outside of your pants, too). Also, it may start to smell. Feces can cause infections for the other parts down there, so wiping after using the bathroom (especially after number 2) is a good idea!

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Q: Should you wipe
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When should a child be able to wipe?

when they can put the hand down their a$$ and wipe their sh1t

What way should you wipe when crapping?

You wipe? I usually just take a shower

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What is the reason for a new parent to purchase a wipe warmer?

A new parent should purchase a wipe warmer to help with the babies' crying. The wipe warmer warms the wipe, so the baby will not cry because of the coldness.

Does a microwave heat disinfect itself?

I think it kilss some of it but U really should wipe it out with a disinfectent wipe!

Where should you wipe your nose?

In the bathroom? Or when no one's around.

Is it okay to just fog and wipe a lens?

So long as you don't wipe it with anything that will scratch it up you should not worry.

What is the proper way to wipe your bottom?

You should reach round the back, and wipe backwards. This means there is less chance of any fecal matter getting into your genital area.As a woman from the front to the back so you don't get bacteria to the urethra.You should grab about 5 sheet of toilet paper, start in the front and softly wipe backward. But when you poop fold it again and wipe the same way more!

What direction should you wipe when cleaning a CD or DVD?

You can can wipe a disc any direction you just have to wipe it with a soft cloth

How can you wipe your computer?

A softcloth and a little bit of windex should do it.

Which way should you rub a CD to clean it?

You should wipe a CD in a straight line outward from the center or inward from the edge. Do not wipe it in circles. Use a soft cloth, not a paper towel.

Should you wipe after going to the toilet?

Yes, you should always wipe after using the toilet with the exception of a male urinating of course. It's especially important for females to wipe front to back to avoid introducing any fecal matter to the vagina which can cause infections.