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Tanning oil should not be used when using a tanning bed. Aside from the damage you may do to the equipment, the oil will increase the damage done to your skin and doesn't provide SPF protection.

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Q: Should you use tanning oil when using a tanning bed?
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Can you use banana boat dark tanning oil in a tanning bed?

One can use any lotion they want in a tanning bed including Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil. It is recommended for the safety and prevention of skin cancer to use a lotion designed for tanning beds that have a high concentration of SPF.

Can you use outdoor sunblock when tanning indoors?

Only if it is NOT oil based. if it is oil based it will scratch the tanning bed. otherwise It is a waste of money spent on tanning to wear spf in the tanning bed because it inhibits your exposure.

Can you use baby oil on yourself in a tanning bed?

No because it puts cracks in the acrylic.

Would it be okay if you went to a stand up tanning bed kinda just got the belly Button pierced on Friday April seventeenth?

Sure just keep tanning lotion and tanning oil away from the new piercing.

Can you use dry oil for outdoor tanning in a tanning bed?

No dont use dry oil for tanning, outdoor tanning for some time is a better idea. I am an asian, my color used to be so white that my pals used to call me a snowy vampire with black hair. I apply a thin layer of olive oil after my bath. Olive oil makes the skin more colorful. Do not try tanning beds, or direct tanning in the sun. After prolonged exposure to direct sun heat, my skin gets burnt orange instead of the normal tan, moreover it damages the texure and increases the wrinkles. Use a UV protection cream of SPF 45 to avoid blemishes & wrinkles. Instead of dry oil, try using olive oil, now I look drastically olive.

How can you tan darker and faster in the tanning bed?

Rub baby oil into your skin before tanning. It makes your skin darker and tans it quickly. But we careful, because it may cause you to burn more easily!

Using home supplies how can you make tanning lotions?

30 weight engine oil works good.

When tanning in an indoor tanning bed does cocoa butter lotion help you tan?

If your coco butter is oil based it will ruin the bed! the beds are made of acrylic and I know for a fact oil based lotions will ruin the bed because I work at a tanning salon and just last week a man ruined the bed by using another lotion not approved by the salon. The best tanning lotions on the market are California Tan products. They range from $20-$130. Cypher is their best product out now. If you are going to use coco butter to to maintain your tan, only use it in outdoor tanning. *Topical Tan Salons Have good oils, lotions and so forth you can go and purchase them and receive 1 FREE in less than a week you can have the perfect tan you want. It's also safe to be pregnant as long as you are under 6 or 7 months in. There are beds stand ups and more. -Tyrza

How can you control tanning?

Tanning oil You can buy this at your local chemist or super market

How can a teenage girl improve her very red complexion?

Okay,I have a very red skin complexion and I am a teen. Is what i do to help it is: I put water and ice all over my legs when I tan with tanning oil. Then I put DRIED leaves on my legs. (Only dried.) It really works with some tanning oil. And if you really want it to work just put some black crayons on your legs. (: Hope this help.s (I work at a tanning salon but sometimes I use a tanning bed.)

Is it gay for a guy to ask a girl for tanning oil?

No, straight guys need tanning oil just as much as gay guys.

Can you use bronzing lotion for tanning beds in the natural sun?

Yes, you can use bronzing lotion for tanning beds in the actual sun. But it might be more helpful to go buy tanning oil or bronzing oil that you would normally use for just natural outdoor tanning.