Should you trust the insurance adjuster?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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An insurance adjuster is the individual who is charged with investigating losses claimed under an insurance policy. What most people fail to realize, is that the adjuster is:

1. Bound by the terms of the policy (which is a binding contract); and

2. Required by law to adhere to the provisions of the contract.

Television ads by attorneys often warn the public not to talk to an adjuster. What these ads don't reveal is that if you are the insured under the contract, you have a duty to cooperate with the insurance company in an attempt to investigate and settle the claim. That means you have an obligation to give a statement, submit to a physical examination (if injuries are claimed), turn over any relevant documents or evidence and reveal any witnesses or other relevant information. Failure to do so may invalidate a claim and release the company from its obligation to pay damages.

You always have the right to employ an attorney to represent your interests, but before you give away 25%, 33% or more of your recovery, see what the adjuster is going to do. Most adjusters try to do a good job.

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Q: Should you trust the insurance adjuster?
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What does an adjuster do that would constitute transacting insurance in other words what does an adjuster do that arises out of the insurance contract?

an insurance adjuster is called to assess the damage to the covered vehicle for repairs

How do you say Adjuster in Spanish?

An adjuster is a regulador. If you are referring to an insurance adjuster, it is a liquidador de seguros.

Who sells insurance claims software for a claims adjuster?

Claims Portal sells insurance claims software for a claims adjuster. You can get Property and casualty insurance claim adjuster resources at

What does a insurance adjuster do?


What does an insurance adjuster do?

An insurance adjuster investigates insurance claims that are filed. They may accomplish this by interviewing the claimant and witnesses, talking to police, and inspecting the property damage.

What is the main job of an insurance adjuster?

The main job of an insurance claims adjuster is to evaluate and investigate insurance claims. They must begin by interviewing the claimant and witnesses.

Does a insurance adjuster have to investigate for you to make a claim?

To be blunt, yes, however it should not be considered investigation, instead a person should think of it as an examination. No one would fly a plane without checking it out and making sure it is alright, the insurance adjuster is doing the same thing.

If a friend or invited guest falls through the attic to floor below is it covered by your home insurance?

If you have home insurance then you should phone your Insurance Adjuster and ask them this question. They have a copy of your insurance policy.

How much does the position insurance adjuster pay in the auto repair field?

The position insurance adjuster pays about $45000 to $65000 in the auto repair field. You can read more at

Do you have to hire your insurance company's recommended adjuster?

Insurance companies investigating or handling a claim appoint an adjuster. I know of no instance where an insured or claimant would hire an insurance companies adjuster. If you disagree with the company adjusters valuation or handling of your claim, You are welcome to go out and hire your own public adjuster to get a second opinion.

What insurance jobs begin with the letter A?


How do I find a good property claims adjuster?

To find your local property claims adjuster, you should be able to get a referral from your home insurance company. They usually have their own people they send out to do estimates.