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if you want to. no reason why not.

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Q: Should you swim in the ocean when you have your period?
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Which time period did eurypterids swim the ocean?

Silurian Period

How do you get to Antarctica from Britain?

you should SWIM up the pacific ocean!!

Can you swim in the ocean on your period?

Yes you can swim and do all the activities that you normally do if you weren't on your period. Just use a tampon and everything will be fine.

What ocean would you swim in if you lived in Maine?

the atlantic ocean i should know i live in Maine

What ocean can you swim in at calofornia?

In California you can swim in the Pacific Ocean

How do you swim at the sparkling ocean in ameba pico?

You have to buy a swim suit. Then wear it. After that you can swim in the ocean!

If you ever get caught in a rip current you should swim?

You should avoid them because they are dangerous. They are able to pull you into the ocean and tire you out.

Which ocean do penguins swim in?

mainly in the southern ocean

What ocean do people in Oregon swim in?

pacific ocean

What ocean life forms swim?

Life Forms Basically Swim In Each Ocean But, Sometimes Life Forms with Defects Sometimes Can't Swim.

How do sea turtles get around the ocean?

They swim, or rapid swim.

What is a bird that cant fly that can swim in the ocean ans stay dry?

It is impossible to swim in the ocean and stay dry.