Should you run your heat pump on auto or on?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Auto, and that switch only controls the fan.

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Q: Should you run your heat pump on auto or on?
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Which setting should iuse on electric thermostat heat or em heat what is difference?

On a system that uses a Heat pump, the heat setting utilizes the pump, and electrical coil heating as a backup. On the EM setting the heat pump won't run, only the axillary coils will provide heat.

Should your outdoor HVAC compressor run when your heater is on?

no sounds like your wires are crossed at your thromsthat Answer If you have a heat pump system, YES the compressor should run. You can find out if the system is a heat pump usually by looking at the thermostat. Heat pump thermostats usually have "Cool-Off-Heat-Emergency Heat" on the system switch. Another way would be to feel the air coming out of the outside unit when the heat is on. If the air coming out feels very cold, then it's a heat pump. even if you have a heat pump, the only way the in door unit should be producing heat is if you are all electric if you are gas the heat pump should lockout to prevent the persure from getting to high causing the indoor coil to blow up.

What is more efficient electric baseboard heat or a heat pump?

depending on conditions but generally a heat pump will cost you less to run.

What is cheaper to operate a heat strip unit or a heat pump?

the heat pump is cheaper but the pump does not work as well when its below 40 out side thats when you want to run heat strip

A heat pump has a cop rating of 2.5 to 1 if 200 watts of electricity are used to run the heat pump how many equivalent watts are produced?

19.a heat pump has a COP rating of 2.5 to 1. If 200 watts of electricity are used to run the heat pump, how many equivalent watts(heat) are produced?

Should you pour hot water on the side of the pump?

If you are talking about defrosting a heat pump, just switch it over to cooling and run it until the ice disappears.

Why does your outside air condenser run when your heat is on?

What kind of heat do you have? Heat Pump? Be glad it runs.

Which setting should iuse on electric thermostat heat or em heat what is differnce?

These two settings are found when you have a heat pump. Using the "Heat" mode uses the heat pump capabilities alone. Using em heat, turns on conventional electric coils to create more heat (and run up your electric bill)

Is it more efficient to use the emergency heat instead of the heat pump when the temperature is in the 30's?

There is still enough heat in the air to run your heat pump when the temp is in the 30,s

Should the outside fan of an HVAC unit turn on when the heat cycle is on or does it only operate when in the AC cycle?

the fan on the condesenig unit (out side part) of a hvac system will only run when you are in the cooling cycle, unless you have a heatpump , then it will run in the heating cycle also

Should you use the heat pump in the winter?

Heat pumps are much more efficient than they used to be. For example a 3 ton 13 SEER heat pump today can generate 22,000 btu's of heat even at 32 degrees. Compare that with heat pumps 15 - 20 years ago where you were lucky to get 10,000 btu's at the same temperature. So yes, run your heat pump all winter.

Can we run our heat pump to heat the house even though the compressor is not working?

No. The compressor is needed to run in reverse in order to pull warm air from the outside to heat the home.