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Ya its obvious. A normal person for safety side should inform a police. Otherwise he may get trobule in future.

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Q: Should you report to the police someone reversing into your car and driving off?
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What is the sound you hear when your talking to someone on the phone while they are driving?

a police siren!!

Define police power How have state and federal courts usually ruled on cases involving the police power and deunk driving suspects?

It is the power to arrest the people breaking the laws. Driving when drunk is an offence under negligence and the police can arrest someone.

What should you say if you get caught driving with suspended license?

Tell police i am sorry and cry so that police won't suspended you.

What should you do if someone damage your property?

call the police

What should you do if someone refuse to get out of your house?

Call the police

What does a breathalyser do to stop people from drinking and driving?

It doesnt. The police use it if they suspect someone drinking and driving and get the suspect to breath into it to tell them if the have been drinking.

Whilst driving you have an accident in which someone is injured. You must report this to the police within?

You do not need to report it to the police you need to report it to the DMV within 5 days.

If Someone said they wanted you killed what should you do?

call the police

What should you do if you murdered someone?

Go tell the police immediately.

What could the police charge someone with who hasn't got a license or insurance?

uda unlawfull driving auto. no insurance.

What to do if someone threatens your life in kentucky?

You should report this threat to the police.

What should you do if someone else has taken out a loan in your name?

You should call the police and let them know.