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Yes, the penis should be washed in the bath or shower by simply pulling back your foreskin and washing the head with soap and warm water, just like the rest of the body. Keep in mind that many boys can't pull their foreskin back until puberty, and this is completely normal. The head of the penis doesn't need to be washed until the foreskin can be pulled back, so parents of young children with non-retractible foreskins can wait until it can retract to teach your son about washing the head daily. If you're a teenager or adult and your foreskin is too tight to be pulled back, you might want to consider gradually stretching. Just search for "How do you stretch your foreskin?" on Wikianswers.

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Q: Should you pull back your foreskin to clean it?
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How do men clean their penises?

Keeping penis clean is very important. 1.) Gently pull the foreskin back. 2.) Rinse with warm water only. Soap under the foreskin can cause irritation and swelling. 3.) Pull the foreskin back in place over the head of your penis. Circumcised men can directly use warm water and soap and clean it carefully.

Do you have to pull the skin back on an uncircumsized penis?

You may pull the skin back of an uncircumsized penis (called the foreskin) in your hygiene routine (in order to clean the glans during the shower) or during certain sexual activities. Otherwise, it is not mandatory...

Have we to pull the foreskin back to cover it after Circumcision or leave it like that?

leave it like what?

If I pull my foreskin back will it stay back until i lose my erection please help?

no it will go back slow but it will

When you pull back your foreskin there are white bits what are they and is it healthy?

Sounds like smegma. It's not altogether unhealthy, but is definitely unhygienic and unattractive. Make sure you clean under there at least daily.

You can pull your skin back when not erected but cant when it is erected what can you do so you can pull it back when erected?

You need to engage in some foreskin stretching exercises. just ask (how do you stretch your foreskin) at the top of this page or on your browser and you will find all the info you need.

I am 14 and i have an uncut penis and when people ask for me too pull my foreskin back i do but it doesn't go all the way back. Should i talk to a doctor about this?

An un-cut penis, is not having the foreskin on the penis removed either at birth or later in life. You're fine

How do you treat a circumcised baby?

Never pull the infant's foreskin back. This can cause serious injury and tissue damage. Boys' foreskins will naturally retract on their own, which may be as late as the teenage years. The skin actually protects from dirt and bacteria. However, if the penis gets red or white stuff develops inside the foreskin, use a little bit of palmers coco butter.

Should you be worried that your 14 and a half and can only peel back your penis's foreskin back halfway and your penis just stops there and all the way down from there it seems to be just skin?

No. Most people can't pull their skin that far back

When washing the male genital a person should wash?

Everything!! If you're uncircumcised gently pull back the foreskin as far as comfortable but wash everything

Why do you have red marks on the head of your uncircumcised penis and only can see it when you pull your foreskin back?

You need to see a doctor for this problem.

You are 15 and you dont know if you should pull your forskin back you dont really know if you can?

Do pull it back. While it might seem that this would be a painful procedure, for reasons of health and sanitation, it needs to be done. The folds of skin surrounding the head of your penis trap shed dead skin and oil secretions. This can result in infections under the base of the head. So for sanitary reason, you need to pull the foreskin back at least once a day to clean it. It is not hard to do. Hold your penis near the head end and slide the skin back toward your body. The head of your penis will appear and then you gently wash around it. What will happen if you don't? Well, your foreskin can become too tight for sex, for one thing. The skin, like most other organs, can get accustomed to being a certain size, and it will be painful to have an erection. Simple cleaning every day will make sure that the skin is supple and will stretch easily for this function. girl likes a smelly penis! It says that you are not clean and that you might have an infection that you can give her. Pull it back.