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No you should not. the glans penis are an internal organ and needs protection the foreskin is there to to protect it.

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Q: Should you keep your foreskin back always?
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What could happen if a boy's penile foreskin is forced back too early?

The foreskin of an uncircumsized newborn should NEVER be pulled back; it is a myth and it is dangerous to do this. It should never be forced back by a parent, no matter what the reason the parent has. Keep your hands off of it. Tissues of the glans penis and of the covering foreskin are not yet differentiated, and the foreskin should be left alone. Some physicians consider that an unretracted foreskin can be normal and non-problematic even as late as puberty. Yes, there can be problems with the foreskin, but pathological phimosis (a medically problematic unretractable foreskin) is virtually NEVER a competent diagnosis at birth.AnswerThe foreskin does not retract at birth. Forcing it back at this age can cause tearing and scarring meaning it will be difficult to retract in the future.

Where would one find the frenulum?

If it is doing what it is supposed to do. which is cause the foreskin to move back over the glans of the penis when it is flaccid. it is easily distinguishable when puling the foreskin right back as a separate chord like entity that reaches from the glans to the foreskin for about 15mm until it seems to blend back into the foreskin. so it is not actually tight at all it only becomes tight when the foreskin is pulled back. the tightens of the frenulum may well be associated with the tightness of the foreskin round the penis itself. loosen the foreskin and you loosen the frenulum.

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Is there a partial circumcision?

Yes for example if a foreskin is too long it can be trimmed back. keep in mind however that the foreskin is a very enervated part of the penis and all of it plays an important part in sexual performance and pleasure

When i clean my penis it needs to be soft or i cant retract the foreskin but i always erect and cant retract it how do i keep my penis soft?

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Is foreskin supposed to be back on hard?

I would say that depends on how much foreskin you have. I think for health and cleanliness it s good idea to keep it pulled back whenever you can. especially when its hard. ive read that men with heavy foreskin that dont stretch it back can eventually have a problem fully exposing the head of the penis resulting in less sensation our even painful masturbation and problems with difficult penetration. anything anyone can add.. other than thanks mom and dad. . .

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