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pushed in so that the exaust is off, on will force hot air from out side in.

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Q: Should the exhaust button be pushed in or left out while running Carrier Siesta Air Conditioner?
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Why is Air conditioner running but not cooling?

There are quite a few reasons why an air conditioner could be running but not cooling. One should first check the Freon lines and ensure that there is an adequate amount of Freon available.

Should cold air return be running constantly?

You will hear air circulating in the cold air return (or return air grille) when the heater or air conditioner is running.

How cold should the air be coming out of your car air conditioner?

In temp vs out temp should be about 18 degrees different if running top notch.

Should I turn off humidifier when running air conditioner?

Running an air conditioner cools the air but also removes moisture from the air possibly making it feel dry and uncomfortable. It may then help to run a humidifier to add a little moisture to the air to make it more comfortable.

How carrier look like?

A cat carrier is a compartment with a handle. It usually has a door with bars running vertically. To keep it closed, it usually has a small lock or lever to open. You should put a small blanket in the carrier when the cat is inside. Cats may be afraid of the carrier after a few appearances because they link the carrier to the notion that they will be going to the vet.

What generator should be used for running 1.5 ton air conditioner?

3 kva genrator myt be required to run 1.5ton ac.

Is it better to leave your vents partially open instead of wide open when running your air conditioner?

While running your air conditioner, the vents should be closed so that warm air from out side do not enter into the room,which may cause damage to the machine in the long run and it will fetch more time to cool the room.

When the motor is running what part of a personnal water craft should be avoided?

The propeller or prop should be avoided. Jet skis you need to stay clear of the water exhaust ports.

Should windows be closed when running only the fan on the central air conditioner?

keep it closed the windows .but if need fresh air from outside , open the windows.

Where are the o2 sensors on a 2006 Nissan sentra ser spec-v 2.5l?

check your exhaust system there should be a wire running in to your exhaust tat is your o2 sensor good luck There are two o2 sensors, one in the engine and one coming out of the Cat Converter in the exhaust system.

Why does your car heat up when you turn on your air conditioner?

the compressor is places a drag on the engine,as a result it would generate more heat but the car should not be overheating. The fan motors should be on when the a/c is running.

On a 1999 Dodge Caravan why would the fan for the engine constantly keep running?

Air conditioner or defroster on - normal should be running Vehicle low on coolant? Trying to keep engine in normal range Defective coolant sensor?