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Yes it is completely normal for it to hurt for the first time, your vagina is not used to a penis yet, but with more experience the pain will decrease while the pleasure increases soon you will find that you will feel hardly any pain. To lession the pain make sure your fully horny with your vagina with fluids its fluids clearly being produced through the vagina walls so it has less friction for less pain.

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Q: Should sex hurt the first time for a girl?
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Does it hurt to be humped?

Sometimes. For a girl, the first time, yeah. Otherwise, it depends on how it's being done. It shouldn't hurt unless the girl wants it to. For guys, it should never hurt, or else there is something really really wrong.

Should a girl get checked after her first time?

first time skiing ey?

Is it supposed to hurt when getting a blowjob for the first time?

No. If both are reasonable careful, there is no reason why it should hurt.

How much does it hurt the first time you have sex-for females?

I think that it depends on the girl. My girlfriend didnt hurt one bit. She just said it was a little uncomfortable.

What does it mean when a girl says would you beat someone up for me if they hurt me?

It means: would you protect her? Next time she asks you that tell her "I wouldn't let them hurt you in the first place"

What should you say to a girl that you have not seen in a long time the first time you call her?

lets get together

Should you get back with your ex boyfriend if he's got a girlfriend and tells you he loves you all the time but want you to wait until he breaks up?

No because he's probably is lying and you would hurt the other girl. Maybe you should disscuss it with him first.

When should a girl have here first kiss?

When you Feel like its the right time. :]

How should boy talk to girl on phone first time?

Be really sexy

Why does it hurt your girl when you make love?

The girl gets hurt as her vagina is dry. You need a good amount of foreplay to get her snatch wet. Another reason is the first time you pop her cherry it will bleed if she is a virgin. there vagina is tight so she feel pain

Is it difficult when you enter your pen for the first time in the vulva for a girl?

It shouldn't be if you use proper lubrication. If it's the girl's first time, it might be difficult for her, but you should not feel any difficulty.

How likely is it to get a girl pregnant their first time?

As likely as it is any other time! Use protection and you should be safe.