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Q: Should i Drain a blister or not?
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Who cares for blood blisters on hamsters?

Blood blisters on hamsters should be treated by a veterinarian. The vet can drain the blister safely as well as find out why it occurred.

How do you treat a water blister?

A water blister is a blister that has filled with body fluid. It is uncomfortable but can be easily reduced to what amounts to a layer of skin over the tender area below it. Use a sterile needle (I have used a sharp knife's pointed end) to drain the water at the base of the blister. There should be very little pain. Cover the blister with a bandage for a day or two until the proud skin forms a hard covering and simply peels off.

How do you turn a blister intto a callus?

Repeatedly lance the blister with a sterilized pin or needle. Every time it fills with fluid drain it. Keep doing whatever activity led to the blister and it will eventually harden into a callus.

Should you pop your blister?

no, never

What happens if you get pus from a blister in your eye?

If you get pus from a blister in your eye, you should probably see a doctor.

How do you separate a blister?

You should not burst a blister as you will increase the risks of infection, which will cause allot more issues.

What causes a blister?

blisters are caused by irritating friction where ever the blister is it makes scin un peel but should heal in a few days with a blister plaster

What is treatment for blood blister on eye?

A doctor should prescribe treatment for a blood blister on the eye. This should never be popped or handled with dirty hands.

Can a water blister spread?

A water blister typically does not spread. After the blister pops, it will start healing up unless it becomes infected. If that occurs, you should see a doctor.

What do you with a blister if there is something inside it?

You should bust the blister so whatever is inside of it will come out before it gets infected.

Should you prick burn blister on palm of hand?


Should you pop a blood blister?

no, it can lead to infections