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It depends on how you feel personally, if you want to apply either at bedtime or in the morning or even both. It's fine with doing it at both times. Some people do it both in the winter, but come the hot months, than you can just add it once a day. But try to avoid applying it during the day.

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Q: Should eye creams be applied before bedtime or after waking?
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Does anybody know of any fat burning creams that actually work?

I have never been able to figure out why people believe in "fat burning" creams. They are applied on the outside of the body; the fat is on the inside. No, there are no fat burning creams that "actually work."

How do I compare anti wrinkle creams?

You can compare anti-wrinkle creams in a variety of ways. You want to look at how many times it needs to be applied, whether it moisturizes your face, if it has SPF in it, and make sure there are no ingredients you are allergic to.

How should jellyfish stings be treated?

Vinegar and other acidic substances are used to neutralize jellyfish nematocysts still clinging to the skin, which are then scraped off. Anesthetic ointments, antihistamine creams, and steroid lotions applied to the skin.

What skin cream should I be using?

Some of the best skin creams you should be using are ones that moisturize your face to prevent skin flaking. Other skin creams you should try are ones that have sun protection in them.

Is there a natural cure for mastitis in cows?

Mint creams that are applied to the skin of the udder, usually twice a day. Brands include Udder Comfort.

What should you use for your fever blister?

You should be using creams like abreva or antiviral medication.

Signs of the best anti aging face creams?

Anti aging face creams reduce the signs of aging: everything from uneven skin coloring to winkles and blemishes. This is why it is important to be choosey about which creams are bought and used. The following are some of the signs of the best anti aging face creams. It is important that such creams do not have a bad scent, and that they are easy to use. The best anti aging face creams are not clunky and do not leave a residue. Skin should feel soft and should look youthful after consistent use.

Does anti aging facial cream hurt?

"Some creams may slightly tingle when first applied, but they should not hurt. If you do experience pain, you may be allergic. Rinse off the product immediately and don't use it again. If the pain continues, consult a doctor."

How should a setting be in a ballet dance?

Light and incorporate pinks, whites, and creams :)

Is it possible to use face creams and look younger?

Yes possibly. Certain face creams decrease visibility of wrinkles and features on the face that make people look older in the face. Before going out and buying any of these creams I recommend that you search for the creams that work best by asking people their opinions on which creams work best. There are a wide variety on the market but many do not work or don't give the results people are looking for. Hope this helped (:

How can one remove whiteheads?

There are a variety of things that can be done to assist one in removing whiteheads. One should cleanse the skin regularly with a gentle cleanser, and twice a week one should use a gentle scrub on the skin. It is also stated that one should drink water rather than other liquids. There are also anti-acne creams that can be applied.

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The best place to look for information about stretchmark creams is to check out which has extensive review of different stretchmark removing creams. Before buying an expensive cream, check review written by other users on the sites of online retailers.