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Q: Should clyogest be inserted anally or vaginally?
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Name for tablets inserted anally?


Is vaseline ok to digest?

No it must be inserted anally

Can ticks get inside you?

Ticks may be inserted orally, anally, or through any type of open wound.

What does in the bum mean?

Your "bum" is your buttocks, so that would mean something inserted anally, or something inside that area of the body.

How corn got into the hands of the Iroquois and Huron nations?

They inserted it anally, because that was all they had to do for fun back then.

What would happen if you anally took vicodin anally?


I heard that effects of lortab will last longer if they are anally inserted?

that's called a "buttrocket" I've heard from a old drugie friend that it gets to your blood flow faster and stays longer.

How do you girls do the master busting?

Well baisically, what they do is, they take a shed (of the garden variety) and take it as a suppository (inserted anally). After this they proceed to insert a large variety of garden tools inside their loins.

Can you use norforms anally?

No, Norforms should not be used anally. They are designed for vaginal use only to help with feminine odor. It is important to follow the instructions on the packaging and use the product only as intended.

What is a Mexican two finger oil change?

The sexual act of placing a finger in your female sexual partners anal canal and vaginal canal simultaneosly to check her viscosity of either entrance. Then as the mechanic on duty you determine if she is a quart low and you give it her anally or vaginally after you attain the proper lubrication on your dipstick.

How can you use heroin?

It is usually either smoked, snorted, injected, or even taken as a suppository (anally) or pessary (vaginally). It can be used orally, but the effects are not as pronounced as with the other methods.

How long can a mouse survive inside a human intestine?

If you swallowed it, it would never make it to the intestine. Human stomach acid would kill it very quickly. If it was inserted anally, the mouse would die from oxygen deprivation quite quickly as well.