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Q: Should a person go to sleep when they're drunk?
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What are the cocktail advantages?

they get u some what drunk and u sleep with a random person

What time should a 39 year old go to sleep?

It depends on what time you have to get up in the morning; but you should try for 8 hours of sleep at night. b4 theyre kids LOL

What does the proverb when everybody says you are drunk go to sleep mean?

When the whole town says you are drunk, you are probably drunk. Believe them when they tell you this, and go sleep it off. Writ large, it means that you should believe what you hear about yourself if everyone is telling you the same thing, whether or not you think it's true.

What can heavy drinking do to you?

You get drunk, get married with a random person, sleep with them, have a kid, then wake up not knowing who your with and throw up in the bathroom =)

What to do with a drunk husband?

Let him sleep it off

How do you say to sleep in Navajo?


What does it mean when you wake up with cuts?

You got very drunk the night before and either got into a fight or slept somewhere you should not have. or you cut yourself in your sleep! or you sleep walked into something or fell

If someone is afraid to sleep when it is dark what should the person do?

Get a night light, sleep with the lights on, or grow up.

What is the daily recommended amount of sleep you should get?

the recommended number of hours a person should sleep is at least 6-8 hrs a day.

Do guinea pigs fall asleep with their eyes open?

no. they shut theyre eyes when they go to sleep.

Would you sleep with your stepmom if she was drunk and wouldn't remember?

If she allows . . .

Your gay friend wants to sleep and drink beer should you be worried?

There is nothing unusual about sleeping, but your friend should only drink if they are of legal age, and should never get behind the wheel of a car when drunk.